Several factors explain the BIB’s popularity. Versatile, it’s perfect for virtually every occasion, from impromptu picnics to laid back 5 à 7s. Its convenient, easy-to-carry format contains between 3 and 4 litres (the equivalent of 4 or 5 bottles), so you’re sure to have enough for everyone! During big events, simply pour some of the wine into a decanter, allowing it to breathe and letting its aromas develop more depth. Didn’t finish the bag? Don’t worry about wasting leftovers – the vacuum packaging means your wine won’t oxidize, leaving it fresh and delicious for the next time you’re ready for a glass. In fact, BIBs can last anywhere from a few weeks to two months!

Think boxed wine is low quality wine? Think again! In recent years, several wine experts and sommeliers have ventured to say that the quality of boxed wine has considerably improved. Although grand crus are not offered in BIB format, many renowned producers offer their products by the box. In fact, more than 50 wines are available in BIB format at the SAQ. Hailing from France, Italy, Portugal, and even the New World, boxed wines also boast a diverse aromatic profile. No wonder they’re becoming so popular!

Another advantage of BIBs is that they’re better for the environment. Their carbon footprint is lower than other packages (glass, hard plastic, aluminum) because the box represents only 5.5% of their total product weight, compared to a regular glass bottle whose weight represents 35% of its total product weight. In addition to selling a wide variety of BIBs, the SAQ is also doing its part by offering wines packaged in bottles that generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only are BIBs less expensive to produce and ship, but they also help you, the consumer, save money! Plus, because boxed wine lasts longer and generates less waste, you’ll be saving even more in the long run!

Although bottles are still the reigning format on the market, BIBs remain a great option for all your large gatherings – and your guests will be thrilled!