More than ever, the wine trend is going back to basics. Natural, organic, local products; we seek more simplicity and pleasure in offering wines that are easy to drink and totally unfussy. While summer is already gifting us plenty of sunshine and heat, did you know that the best way to enjoy many red wines is by serving them chilled?

Served chilled = just right

Among all the factors that can influence our perceptions, the serving temperature plays a key role in our appreciation of a wine.

Too cold? We deprive ourselves of their aromatic potential and numb our taste buds. Same observation as for food.

Too hot? We risk exacerbating certain perceptions like alcohol, in addition to losing harmony.

Of course, red wines will generally be served less chilled than whites, in particular because of the more-or-less marked presence of tannins (plant molecules which come from the skin and stems of the grapes), as well as the heritage of wood contact which could result in bitterness.

Great! But what type of red is best suited to chill?

Several lend themselves to the trend. Without necessarily having all these assets in a single bottle, the reds to serve chilled are:

  • Lighter in body;
  • Graced with a pleasing and thirst-quenching acidity;
  • Sometimes lighter in alcohol;
  • Less tannic (this sensation which, conversely, can give us the impression of lacking saliva and finding the wine drying);
  • The product of a shorter vatting (time with skin contact);
  • Sometimes a blend of white and red varietals;
  • Slightly to not at all woody … Hooray for fruit purity!

And the best way to chill them?

So simple! You can put your bottle in the fridge for about 1h30 before serving. Or even easier, keep your drinking reds chilled in the refrigerator, but allow your bottle to temper a few degrees by taking it out 30 minutes before enjoying it. Way easier: some 10 minutes in an ice bucket is just as effective.   

How to pair them?

These are very versatile wines! They will bring lots of pleasure both as an aperitif and with cheese and charcuterie platters, snacks and simple appetizers ranging from corn chips and guacamole to bruschettas, meal salads, grilled meats, poultry and white meat. Not to mention with improvised sandwiches, homemade pizza and grilled vegetables. In short, red wines are going full summer mode!

Red wines to serve chilledRed wines to serve chilled