Coming up with a list of top movies and TV series is never an easy task. But once you narrow down the genre – to horror, in this case – you can draw on your memories of the characters, soundtracks and unforgettable scenes and have fun returning to favourites from the last few years.

Dying to know our suggestions for Halloween horror flick and wicked wine and spirit pairings!?

It would be unthinkable not to include a Hitchcock film on this list. With a recognizable soundtrack, among other things, Psycho from 1960 has lost none of its power to shock and surprise. A lover of good cooking and fine wines, the “master of suspense” would surely have appreciated this delicious wine.

Rosemary’s baby

Juvé y Camps
Brut Cava

Directed by the controversial Roman Polanski, Rosemary’s Baby is simply brilliant. Combining horror and fantasy, this 1968 classic will never go out of style, which could also be said about sparkling wines for celebrations. Toast the arrival of Rosemary’s newborn with this superb Catalonian bubbly.

Assured of a place on every horror list, The Exorcist has what it takes to terrify even the most unflappable. Cleanse your soul with a few glasses of the delectable, Quebec-made St. Laurent gin – to be drunk in moderation if you don’t want your head to be spinning!

To add a dash of humour to your evening without giving up the gore, watch Evil Dead 2, a small-budget, special effects flick from the 1980s. And what better way to do so than with the 7 Deadly Zins 2016? A big California wine that, while not what you’d call delicate or subtle, is oh, so satisfying.

This low-budget film shot with a hand-held camera in 1999 met with enormous success and is, shall we say, very effective. Add to the bewitchery by uncorking the Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet-Sauvignon 2015, one of the great winemakers in California.

The Shining, a masterpiece from 1980, is based on a book by horror master Stephen King. In the film, Jack Nicholson chews up the scenery like nobody’s business. Follow his lead in the bar scene and “knock back” a few glasses of bourbon. But not just any bourbon. Go for the delicious Woodford Reserve. “The white man’s burden,” as he says, will hit the spot from the opening credits right through to the end…

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