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  1. Comedian Preach

    Alcohol-free is where it’s at, with Preach

    This year, why not try the mocktail version of your favourite cocktail? Comedian Preach has a few tips to help you discover some great mixes for decking the halls!

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  2. Alcohol-free cocktail

    A look at the alcohol-free trend

    This past year has been a successful one for new alcohol-free products, particularly those made in Quebec, which are gradually earning quite a following. Here’s a look at a continuing trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

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  3. The world of alcohol-free beverages

    The world of alcohol-free beverages

    Whether we opt for dry drinks for health reasons, lifestyle or just because we don’t wish to feel the effects of alcohol while toasting with friends, we can’t help but salute the work of producers behind this increasing diversity and quality.

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