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Quebec products

let’s raise a glass to our culturelet’s raise a glass to our culture

a local producer with European roots

To celebrate the fête nationale, we’re meeting with Janos Sivo, who opened his distillery here in 2014 with the goal of producing eaux-de-vie like they make in his home country of Hungary. But life had other plans. Discover the story of resilience and pride of this new Canadian who’s behind one of the first Origine Québec whiskies.


Cocktail ChernikaCocktail Chernika


For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a vodka-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

orange splash Cocktailorange splash Cocktail

orange splash

For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a gin-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

fruity wave Cocktailfruity wave Cocktail

fruity wave

For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a rum-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

big apple Cocktailbig apple Cocktail

big apple

For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a whisky-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

Premixed cocktails

For an express cocktail option to your taste, enjoy the National Holiday with a premixed cocktail from Quebec.

Premixed cocktail from QuebecPremixed cocktail from Quebec

A taste of Quebec: Celebrating local products

Local wines, ciders and spirits are more popular than ever. Our passionate producers are making products that are good, recognized and inspiring. To reflect this diversity and this expertise, Quebec products are now divided into three new identifications. You can now distinguish the characteristics specific to these products and find them even more easily, online or in-store. So, go ahead, add a little Quebec to your glass, a winning choice for all of us!

Proudly local

Origine Québec

Crafted by local artisans with homegrown ingredients.

Prepared in Québec

Developed or distilled by locals, with ingredients from here and elsewhere.

Bottled in Québec

Assembled and bottled by a local business, by people who live here.

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  1. Milton

    Milton Star, delicious and accessible ready-to-drink ciders!

    Légers en alcool, savoureux et pratiques, les cocktails prêts à boire n’ont jamais été aussi populaires auprès des Québécois. Forte de son passé artisanal, la Cidrerie Milton continue d’innover et de se démarquer en présentant la pomme autrement grâce à quatre cidres offerts en version cocktail.

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  2. mariana distillery

    Distillerie Mariana: Off the beaten track

    Mariana is derived from the scientific name of the black spruce: Picea mariana. Emblematic of the North American boreal forest, the tree also gives Canopée forest gin—the very first spirit created by Distillerie Mariana—its distinctive essence.

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  3. La Chaufferie Distillery

    La Chaufferie Distillery

    Housed in one of Granby’s historic buildings, La Chaufferie microdistillery is masterfully led by a very small team of passionate artisans who painstakingly craft their spirits, from grain to glass.

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  4. menaud distillerie

    Menaud: For the love of Charlevoix

    There’s no cutting corners at Menaud. Driven by authenticity, local craftspeople develop products that don’t skimp on quality.

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  5. cirka distilleries

    Cirka microdistillery: Always up for a challenge

    Inspired by the quality of homegrown products from across the province, Cirka became the first Québec microdistillery to produce spirits from grain to glass.

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  6. quebec's organic wineries

    Vineyard to cellar: Quebec’s organic wines

    Two Quebec vintners explain how they create wines that are as good for the planet as they are for wine lovers.

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  7. Products bottled in Quebec

    Local bottling: A growing trend

    "The world and the times are changing" sang Richard Séguin, and it’s usually for the best! In the behaviour changes we must adopt for the health of the planet, the way beverages and other foods are packaged is part of the solution.

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  8. A guide to red varietals grown in Quebec

    A guide to red varietals grown in Quebec

    Long considered inhospitable to quality red wine production, the province managed to prove wrong many of its critics over the past few years. The progress is the result of colossal work from our Quebec growers in choosing the varietals for the best terroirs, but also of a better understanding of the reality of our climate.

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  9. Local wines to your taste

    Local wines to your taste

    Many of you are looking to add local wines to your choices, and to your table. But what to choose?

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  10. Wine-growing region of Deux-Montagnes.

    Deux-Montagnes: Region of wines, ciders and delicious products

    The region combines the Deux-Montagne area of course, but also Mirabel, Vaudreuil-Soulanges and the western part of Laval and Montréal. It is a vast territory where a natural and important element affects its environment. But what is it, exactly?

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  11. Map of the Dunham wine-growing region.

    Dunham: A quality terroir

    Cradle of Quebec winemaking, the region of Dunham is home to many fantastic producers and artisans, and such talent concentration is no coincidence: the environment is a key factor.

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  12. Quebec’s white grape varieties

    Quebec’s white grape varieties

    Discover the five most popular white grape varieties grown in Quebec – just the right kind of refreshment to enjoy all summer, and why not all year!

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