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Quebec products

let’s raise a glass to our culturelet’s raise a glass to our culture

a local producer with European roots

To celebrate the fête nationale, we’re meeting with Janos Sivo, who opened his distillery here in 2014 with the goal of producing eaux-de-vie like they make in his home country of Hungary. But life had other plans. Discover the story of resilience and pride of this new Canadian who’s behind one of the first Origine Québec whiskies.


Cocktail ChernikaCocktail Chernika


For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a vodka-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

orange splash Cocktailorange splash Cocktail

orange splash

For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a gin-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

fruity wave Cocktailfruity wave Cocktail

fruity wave

For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a rum-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

big apple Cocktailbig apple Cocktail

big apple

For a fête nationale suited to your tastes, we’ve got a whisky-based cocktail that’s perfect for you.

Premixed cocktails

For an express cocktail option to your taste, enjoy the fête nationale with a premixed cocktail from Quebec.

Premixed cocktail from QuebecPremixed cocktail from Quebec

A taste of Quebec: Celebrating local products

Local wines, ciders and spirits are more popular than ever. Our passionate producers are making products that are good, recognized and inspiring. To reflect this diversity and this expertise, Quebec products are now divided into three new identifications. You can now distinguish the characteristics specific to these products and find them even more easily, online or in-store. So, go ahead, add a little Quebec to your glass, a winning choice for all of us!

Proudly local

Origine Québec

Crafted by local artisans with homegrown ingredients.

Prepared in Québec

Developed or distilled by locals, with ingredients from here and elsewhere.

Bottled in Québec

Assembled and bottled by a local business, by people who live here.

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  1. Rougemont

    Rougemont: Much more than apples!

    The spectacle offered by the thousands of apple blossoms in this magnificent town is umatched. A walk to the top of Mont Rougemont allows you to contemplate its extent and understand why it’s nicknamed "the capital of the apple"!

    Read more
  2. BluePearl Distillery

    Fun with friends

    Take a couple of roommates who like beer and chemistry, add a new neighbour with a few business ideas and you get a distillery that loves colourful products.

    Read more
  3. PGI Quebec Wine appellation

    PGI Quebec Wine appellation

    At long last, Quebec wines have their very own reserved appellation, the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Quebec Wine, thanks to efforts by visionary winemakers who endeavoured to ensure that their wines would be able to reach the apex of the industry. 

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  4. Rivière du Chêne vineyard

    The Rivière du Chêne vineyard

    The Rivière du Chêne winery is definitely one of the most well known in Quebec, thanks to the passion of its founder, Daniel Lalande.

    Read more
  5. Recipes with apples

    Apples on the menu

    Apples aren’t just for dessert and can be prepared a thousand ways… Here are our suggestions for a menu composed only of apples.

    Read more
  6. Jean Joly

    Marathonien Jean Joly

    A family affair in every sense of the word, the Vignoble du Marathonien has been earning praise and awards for more than 25 years.

    Read more
  7. Michel Jodoin

    An apple tale

    From four generations of an apple-growing dynasty in Rougemont, Michel Jodoin has taken the best of the apple and bottled it, at a time when cider was considered the bottom of the barrel. An interview with a cider maker who’s as visionary as he is ambitious.

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  8. Domaine Bergeville

    Effervescence on the wine

    Domaine bergeville is a tiny vineyard that thinks big. Every wine it produces – white, rosé or red – is effervescent comparing favourably to cavas, crémants or any other european sparkler. The difference is that domaine bergeville cuvées are certified organic and genuinely québécois.

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  9. Cidrerie du Minot

    Celebrating apples

    Three decades ago, two Britons made their way to Hemmingford to breathe new life into the cider industry, after some backlash a few years back.

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  10. Landscape showing a Quebec vineyard.

    Quebec wines take pride of place

    When you purchase Quebec wines, you’re supporting the local economy, all while choosing eco-friendly products. And also—they’re exceptional wines!

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  11. Sanitizer

    Local distillers to the rescue

    Many Quebec distilleries answered the governments’ calls for help, producing and distributing hand sanitizer for the healthcare system and essential services!

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  12. distillery

    Spirits: grain to glass

    All it took was one and a quarter miles of corn fields in every direction, boreal water sourced from almost 300 feet underground, and a splash of crazy, and Pierre Mantha had everything he needed to start a new career by launching an artisanal distillery—the first in Outaouais—built just a few steps from the Gatineau airport. The secret to his success? A range of top-shelf spirits made with the choicest of raw ingredients.

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