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Affichage pour les frigos en succursale

Sustainable development

Fewer fridges is greener!

As the saying goes, every action counts, even small ones. And it’s by combining all these small actions that we can achieve great things and have a real impact. Rethinking the number of fridges in our stores may be a small action but it’s also one more step toward reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the environmental impact of our business activities.

Published on January 26, 2023

Why rethink the number of fridges in SAQ stores?  

Watch our SAQ experts explain the initiative (English subtitles).

Quebecers are ready to do their part  

You’ve told us that you’re ready to accept this change for the good of the planet, provided you can continue to find a few chilled products for last-minute purchases. As a result, we’ll be keeping a few fridges in our stores to meet your needs.  

Gradual transition 

Your SAQ stores will be transformed gradually over the coming years. Fridges will be removed as stores are renovated over the initiative’s 15-year time span (yes, 15 years, because we can’t realistically renovate 400 stores in a single year). When it’s finally completed, the initiative – along with all the other big and small actions we take – will help reduce our carbon footprint.  

Yet another step toward eco-responsible stores 

Rethinking the number of in-store fridges is only one of several initiatives to make SAQ stores more eco-responsible. Several stores have already been LEED-certified and we use recycled materials and glass powder when building and renovating. We also promote the use of lightweight glass for the products we sell. 

2 tips for chilling your wine

in the freezer

white wine – 20 minutes
red wine – 10 minutes

in a bucket with
water and ice cubes

white wine – 12 minutes
red wine – 6 minutes

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