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Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne: ‘Tis the season

The Champagne fame is such that eyes light up at the mere mention of its name. Whether enjoyed by a discoverer or a connoisseur, this French appellation embodies classicism, pleasure and happiness every time. It brings excitement to moments big and small and can be served both as an aperitif or paired to a fine meal.

A region like no other

To reach the Champagne region from Paris takes about the same time as traveling from Montreal to Sherbrooke. Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site for its estates, cellars and hillsides, Champagne is set apart by the chalky nature of its soils and by the exceptional quality of its bubbles obtained using the "champenoise" method, also known as "traditional" outside its borders. Served aboard the Titanic, during the unveiling of the Eiffel Tower or to highlight all the greatest sporting achievements, it is loved by all and always adds a touch of glamour. From the first pop to the sight of its seductive bubbles, Champagne sharpens all our senses and makes the occasion.

What is the “champenoise” method?

Characterized by a fermentation in the bottle and not in cask, along with a more-or-less prolonged aging on the lees, this traditional technique gives fine persistent and creamy bubbles as well as a unique depth to the product.

The Feuillatte name at the top

The youngest of the greatest Champagne estates, Maison Nicolas Feuillatte has forged an enviable reputation over the course of its 40 years. At the top of Champagne sales in France and third on the world podium, it continues to rise thanks to a philosophy that advocates neither scarcity nor elitism, but rather accessible and unpretentious luxury. Recognized by the critics for its fine, precise and elegant bubbles, this house is based on a co-op model unique in Champagne. Indeed, the brand belongs to the 4,500 winegrowers who provide the fruit of their land and who allow the property to shine, through the art of blending, a variety of vintages. Patient well beyond the regulatory rest required by the appellation, the house refines its wines in the cellar a minimum of 3 years before they are marketed and up to 10 for the great wines of the house. A boundless commitment to quality expressed through an impressive series of cuvées that are difficult to fault.

At the table

Often associated as an aperitif, to ring in the New Year or to highlight a special event, Champagne is often mistakenly perceived as a product specific to celebrations. However, just like wine, there are different types, for all occasions and all budgets. Here are three examples, to savour the Feuillatte range on all occasions, whether exceptional milestones or mondain moments.


Aged in the cellar for 3 to 4 years, this emblematic Champagne of the house offers a nice roundness, accents of white fruits and apricot, all highlighted by a thirst-quenching acidity. Don’t forget to take the bottle out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving.

The classics

Foie gras, salmon tartare, fish and chips

The surprises

Mushroom risotto, baked brie, rabbit in white wine and mushrooms


Rhubarb tarte Tatin

Graceful, versatile and unique, Champagne is certainly a celebration wine, but the party doesn't start until you kick it off. So, don't wait for the opportunity, create it!

A range to discover

Explore all the Feuillatte Champagnes and treat yourself to a touch of luxury by sharing precious moments around a good bottle for the holidays at home.