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​​Reducing our

​We are committed to reaching our goal of zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040. To achieve this, we are working to decarbonize our buildings and truck fleet as well as collaborating with our partners on energy transition issues.

​How we take action

​We are rethinking how we do business in order to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

​Reduce our
GHG emissions

​Manage the residual material generated by our operations

What we are putting in place


electric trucks

by 2030

​Decarbonize our vehicle fleet

​Fighting climate change is a major challenge that all of us must address. That’s why we have adopted the ambitious goal of reaching zero GHG emissions for our vehicles and buildings by 2040. ​

​Our decarbonization efforts are already apparent on the road with the commissioning of our very first electric vehicles.

​3 million bottles incorporated into other materials

Recycling glass is an ecological way to increase its value. For example, we have incorporated powder made from recycled glass in more than 100 projects, including floors, furniture and mulch.

3 millions

recycled bottles

A social

impact project

The deposit system is modernizing

​Involved with and contributing to this major social project for Quebec, we’re partnering with the Quebec Beverage Container Recycling Association (QBCRA) to put in place an effective, easy-to-use deposit system.

​Eco-responsible events

​We collaborate with the organizers of events we sponsor to put in place eco-responsible initiatives, such as switching to reusable glasses at SAQ Bistros. By working with Quebec-based firm Cupko, our bistros have avoided using 400,000 single-use glasses a year.




LEED certifications

​Sustainable buildings

​When it comes to our buildings’ environmental performance, we aim for excellence by implementing the best eco-responsible practices in building design, construction, operation and management.

Protected by reused cardboard

​We now use cardboard cartons from around the globe to cushion the bottles in parcels we deliver to you. How? By transforming the cartons with a fiberboard quilting machine.


bubble wrap

Our priorities

​Providing responsible choices​Providing responsible choices

​Offering responsible choices

It’s true we like to help you discover, taste and share. But beyond that, we’re even keener to do it with local and responsible products.

​Reducing our footprint ​Reducing our footprint

​​Reducing our footprint

We aim to be an agent of change in energy transition with solutions to minimize the GHG emissions of our operations and our industry.

​Supporting our community​Supporting our community

​Supporting our community

Strong communities are built from the inside out. With the help our employees, we’re working to have a positive impact on communities.

​Doing things better​Doing things better

​Doing things better

We don’t sell ordinary products, and our commitment to contributing to the collective good drives us to make informed, sustainable and responsible decisions.