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    For all the information on the ongoing negotiation and which stores are open today, please visit this page

For our business customers, please visit this page

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Informations on current negociations for our business customers

Notice to our business customers

The SAQ would like to inform you that its activities are back to normal today, Friday, April 26. All our stores will be open today according to their usual schedule. We would like to remind you that the transactional site SAQ.COM is accessible and functional for our customers at all times. 

We thank you for your understanding during the strike days of our store employees (SEMB) on Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25. 

To follow the evolution of the situation, we invite you to come back to this page. 

Notice to our business customers

The SAQ takes note of the decision of the Union of its store employees (SEMB) to launch a strike Wednesday April 24 and Thursday April 25, 2024. You will find below important information for the continuity of your activities. We thank you for your usual collaboration.

Please note that we do not take telephone orders during these days.

For more details and a list of open stores, please visit this page.

Permit holders 

Here is some important information:

Delivery customers

  • We will continue to take your orders and they will be prepared as usual.
  • Deliveries to your establishment will be maintained with slight delays to be expected.

In-store customer service

  • If the store is open during the strike, the order delivery will continue, including those for private imports (IP).
  • IP orders will only be available for pickup when you have received the confirmation by phone that it has arrived in store, and if the store is opened. 
  • If the store is closed, the order can be collected when it reopens.
  • For your regular product orders, if your order was sent more than 48 hours ago and it is in a store open during the strike, you will be able to collect it.


The drive-thru remains open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SAQ Agency stores 

Given the lack of staff for these two days and the closure of several stores, particularly in the regions, your order can be collected as soon as the strike ends.

Authorized distributors

Note that no changes are planned to deliveries to your distribution centers and that the usual schedule is maintained.

We will keep you informed of any changes as the situation evolves.

Opened stores today 

Insert list of opened stores 

Previous communications

  • April 24 and 25 | Update

    The SAQ has taken notice of the decision of the SAQ store employees’ union (the SEMB) to call a strike for Wednesday, April 24 and Thursday, April 25, 2024.

    We remain prepared to meet with their representatives at all times and note that talks are ongoing. Until this week, the atmosphere around the negotiating table was positive. We feel that considerable progress has been made since the start of this round of discussions, and that is true for both sides. Our intention has remained unchanged since the start of the negotiations: arrive at an agreement satisfactory to both the SAQ and our employees.

    Our business continuity plan will be implemented swiftly to ensure customers have access, albeit limited, to our store network both days. As the strike days called by the union coincide with the two annual planning days the SAQ is holding with management and employees, fewer stores will be open than is called for in our business continuity plan.

    Unfortunately, some regions may have little or no service during those two days.

    For our customers, a complete list of the opened stores is available on this page. 

  • April 22 | Update on current negociations

    We have been informed of a possible strike by our store employees' union (SEMB) on Wednesday and Thursday. Until then, all our stores are open and our teams are ready to serve our customers. We are currently focusing our energies on the discussions that are still ongoing. We were at the negotiating table today and a session is planned for tomorrow. In the event of a strike, our business continuity plan is ready to be deployed to offer our customers limited access to our stores.

  • Strike mandate for SAQ store employees

    The union representing our store employees recently obtained a mandate for up to 15 days’ worth of strike hours.

    We are keeping track of this development. You can be sure we are continuing to negotiate with the union and that our goal has remained the same since the start of this round of negotiations: to arrive at an agreement that is satisfactory to the SAQ and to our employees.

    If a strike is called, our teams have a plan in place to maintain service for you. In the event of a strike, we encourage you to visit SAQ.COM or use our mobile app to know which stores will be open for business.

    To provide the best possible guidance, this information will be updated as the situation develops.