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Rioja wines

Located in northern Spain, Rioja comprises three distinct regional sub-growing areas: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental. Take a virtual tour of this unique area, that produces some of the best-known and best-loved wines in all of Spain!

100 km of diversity
Rioja is an appellation area stretching over some hundred kilometres from east to west in Spain. Influenced by both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, it has three principal wine-producing sub-regions.

Rioja Alta
Rioja Alta occupies the region's westernmost zone and sits at the highest elevation (up to 700 metres). It enjoys an Atlantic climate and benefits from a clay-rich soils, resulting in lively structured wines.

Rioja Alavesa
Rioja Alaves is located north of Rioja Alta. The smalest and coolest of the three sub-regions, it is the closest to the Atlantic Ocean. This along with it's limestone-rich soils, contributes to the
freshness of the wines.

Rioja Oriental
Rioja Oriental, located southeast of Rioja Alavesa, is the largest of the sub-regions. Influence by the Mediterranean Sea, it is sunnier and warmer that the other two. It's rich, alluvial soils produce rich wines.

Authorized grape varieties
14 grape varieties are grown in Rioja, all ideally suited to the territory and responsible for the beautiful diversity of styles and profiles.
If the region is renowned for its reds, it is on the white side, surprisingly, that we find more diversity.

5 reds
While Grenache was once the dominant grape, Tempranillo has taken its place and today accounts for 75 percent of the region's viticulture. In addition to these two main varieties, Graciano, Mazuelo (the local name for Carignan) and Maturana Tinta are used in Rioja's red wines.

9 whites
The main white grape is Viura, known elsewhere as Macaben. Other authorized varieties are Malvasia de Rioja, white Grenache, Tempranillo blanco, Maturana Blanca, Torruntès, Chardonnay,
Sauvianon Blanc and Verdejo.

Spanish-style dining
Let yourself be inspired by the warmth of the region and its people to concoct tasty and unpretentious dishes.
Shared on the patio, they become even more delicious!

To learn more about the region
Dreaming of flying off to Rioja? Before packing your bags, get to know the climate, soils, wines and food a little better. 
Or even better, discover the region one bottle at a time, no travel necessary. 

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