Job profiles

Store manager

You’re known for your energy and enthusiasm. As a manager, you’re able to rally and mobilize your team in order to achieve the company’s financial, strategic and operational objectives.

An experienced communicator, you place the customer at the centre of your concerns while keeping your sights set on action and results.

Checkout/sales clerk

You’re focused on customer satisfaction.

You’re known for your sense of responsibility.

You exhibit initiative and are pro-active.

You’re a team player.

Warehouse clerk

You’re conscientious and disciplined in your work.

You’re capable of working autonomously.

You’re versatile.



You’re an inspiring leader.

You’re disciplined in managing results and operations (promoting organizational performance).

You pro-actively manage customers’ needs and expectations (promoting a customer culture).

You know how to spark commitment in your team members.

You’re interested in your professional development.


You’re focused on results.

You’re committed to the customer.

You’re interested in your professional development.

Laboratory technician

You are disciplined and meticulous.

You have strong organizational and planning skills.

You are able to work as part of a team and under pressure.

You have an analytical mind.

You can work autonomously and, when appropriate, take the initiative.

You have the ability to make sound judgements.

Information Technology

Working with the SAQ's IT team means :

  • Acting as a strategic partner in most major corporate projects
  • Being stimulated by challenges
  • Realizing your potential as part of a creative, human-scaled team
  • Using the latest technology
  • Having access to a variety of training and career possibilities
  • Working independently
  • Using a range of applications in your work
  • Supporting a company with more than 7,000 employees

We're seeking experts in every IT field :

  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Web technologies
  • Telecommunications
  • Network security
  • Integrated management systems (ERP)
  • IT infrastructure and operations
  • Integration and collaboration tools
  • Quality assurance
  • Functional analysis
  • Etc.