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Expressive beers


Grab the opportunity to treat yourself to this brilliant selection of famous names celebrated by connoisseurs around the world, several of which have perfect or near-perfect ratings from website RateBeer. These products are available in limited quantities and a maximum number of bottles that may be purchased per client has been established.

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    Imposing, aromatic, mouth-filling - there is no shortage of adjectives to describe the impression left by this imperial Belgium. Round and creamy, the mouth combines flavours of raisin, plum, caramel and ripe apple. The touch of sweetness makes it quite seductive and tempers the alcohol level. As expressive as it gets.


    RateBeer 100

  2. Mikkeller Oude Geuze Goût Américain Golden Spontanée | 750 ml Belgium
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    The ‘’Goût Américain’’ (American taste) version is a way of identifying this blend of lambics aged 1 to 3 years displaying a particularly high level of volatile acidity… A defect for some, but an acquired and pleasant taste for others. You’ll find in succession a myriad of fruity aromas, white and red grapes and notes of citrus, dried herbs, and a well-balanced woodiness.


    RateBeer 95

  3. Brasserie Blaugies La Vermontoise Blond Ale | 750 ml Belgium
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    Blaugies is a small family-owned craft brewery creating unfiltered beers, refermented in bottles or in casks. Stemming from a partnership with mythical Vermont brewery Hill Farmstead, this one is made with malt, spelt and American hops. It stands out with its substantial bitterness and its dry and subtly lemony finish.


    RateBeer 97