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Our employees’ top picks

Logo Top Picks products. Our employees choices.Logo Top Picks products. Our employees choices.

Come meet our enthusiasts

Share our employees’ passion for wines and spirits by discovering their top picks. Thanks to their advice and their finds, you now have a new and easy way to make great discoveries.

SAQ Classique Montmagny | Photo: Aurélie Girard

Roger Bernier’s top pick

"In my 30 years working at the SAQ, I have had the chance to live my passion for the world of viticulture. I enjoy developing food and wine pairings, as well as discovering new products. Recently, I fell in love with an organic white from Austrian estate Nikolaihof, made with the Grüner Veltliner grape variety. It presents well-balanced acidity and stands out for its enjoyable freshness. An absolute must for seafood season! As for spirits, I recommend Menaud gin, a local product made from a base of wheat and rye grown in Isle-aux-Coudres. It has a slightly oily, but extremely refined mouthfeel and finishes with a floral touch."

SAQ Sélection Galeries de la Capitale | Photo: Aurélie Girard

Chantal Boutet’ top pick

"The universe of wine opens up new horizons thanks to aromas and product quality. Passionate about life, people, culture, and travelling, and with 13 years’ experience at the SAQ, I like to encourage my customers to step outside of their comfort zone by recommending amazing lesser-known wines, as well as popular classics. Among my finds, let yourself be charmed by Gerovassiliou, a Greek white wine with delicate aromas of melon and peach, and subtle flavours of citrus and flower. It’s the ideal wine to pair with sushi. If you’re a cocktail lover, I recommend Miele, a Quebec amaretto made with organic honey. You’ll fall for its notes of ginger, almond, apricot pit, and grilled sesame."