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Team’s top picks Galeries Normandie

20 results

  1. of Yasmine O.
    July 5, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Tropical climate on the nose and in the mouth! This rum punch will make you travel to Barbados, Cuba or Jamaica, it is according to! A mixture of fruits with a delicate sparkle that will bring lightness and freshness to any cocktail based on Gin, Vodka or Rum. I love it!
  2. of Natacha C.
    May 17, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Timeless and appreciated by all, this three grape variety is well balanced between yellow fruit and a beautiful minerality in addition to a pleasant floral touch! Very fresh organic wine and not too exuberant. My companion of choice between friends or family, everyone loves it!
  3. of Steve P.
    October 16, 2022
    (Automatically translated) In love. A very sweet, very aromatic rum is drunk both plain and on ice. Thrilling flavors! The attack on the palate has aromas of caramel, a vanilla finish and notes of toasted banana. A pure Caribbean delight that will seduce your demanding palates. I am conquered! SP