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Our program is evolving! Now earn faster, enjoy more
personalized service, attend events consistent with your tastes,
and redeem your points more easily.

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If you obtained your card in store,
you must complete your registration
to enjoy all the perks.

You don’t have an SAQ Inspire
or an SAQ.COM account,
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SAQ Inspire is about
more than just points

Watch the video to discover all the advantages
your Inspire Zone has to offer.

discover my Inspire perks

Enjoy an enhanced in-store and online experience.
Download the app to reap all the benefits.

new arrivals
for me

Are you a big fan of Cellier and Signature products?
Enjoy special access to new arrivals chosen based on your
purchase history, and take advantage of the exclusive online presale.
Plus, in-store delivery is free on all orders $75 or more.
Look for them in your newsletter, online account or mobile app.



my exclusive

Earn fast and effortlessly with offers
tailored to your tastes. Find them each week
in your newsletter, online account
or mobile app.



my extra

It’s an extra personalized offer that earns you a ton of
points on products you love. You can combine it with all
your other Inspire offers. Find it in your newsletter and
mobile app, or ask an advisor.



my purchase

Consult your purchase profile with your
advisor to help you make the best choices
in line with your tastes. You can find
your profile in your mobile app or online account.



my purchase

Easily find everything you’vetried and liked.
Add products from your purchase history to your Favourites.
Find it in your mobile app and online account.



my events

We’ll send you personalized invitations
for contests and events based on your
purchase profile and history. Keep an eye
on your inbox to find experiences
that suit your tastes.



share your Inspire Zone

Show your Inspire card to share your Inspire Zone with your advisor
to benefit fromservice that’s even more personalized.

3 simple steps to rapidly
rack up points

Earn tons of points online and in-store, and redeem them
at any SAQ location in a snap.

  • FIND offers and bonus
    points in-store.

  • LOOK for exclusive
    offers in your newsletter
    and mobile app.

    of all these offers to rack
    up points in one go.

watch the vox pop

Discover how Inspire members earn points even faster (French only).

good to know

my mobile app

your Inspire benefits
at your fingertips

Wherever you go, find your virtual card, exclusive offers,
New Arrivals for Me products, purchase history, and
purchase profile in your mobile app.

my virtual

It’s easy to use and always there with you,
so you can earn points even faster.


Remember to update the app to
take advantage of all the
Inspire benefits.


better choices with the terminal

Use the in-store terminal before making a purchase to see
all the Inspire perks in one place and make better choices. (Video below in French only).

get the full experience

To enjoy all the perks of the
SAQ Inspire program, you must first
complete your registration online.

Most common questions

Who can participate, how to sign up?

You must be 18 or older to sign up for SAQ Inspire, regardless of your province or country of residence. You can sign up online on SAQ.COM or in store. If you already have a SAQ.COM acccount, just sign in and choose the SAQ Inspire option.

How to earn and redeem my points?

You earn 5 points for each dollar spent (before taxes) spent in any of our banners (SAQ Classique, Sélection, Express et Signature), on SAQ.COM and the SAQ Inspire Signature web application. In the SAQ Dépôt stores, the points are issued according to the number of products purchased at the rate of 500 points for the first 23 products purchased and 500 additional points for every purchase of 12 additional products.


Points can be redeemed easily at any time to reduce your bill. With 1000 points, you get $1 off.


In order to insure that the use of points for the payment of goods and services is made by the member himself, the SAQ reserves the right to require photo ID from the person asking to redeem points, in addition to require the person to have their SAQ Inspire card on hand (and not the virtual card in the SAQ app, or any other printed or electronic reproduction of the card). When two (2) cards are associated with an account, points are earned into the account by the two (2) cardholders and can be redeemed entirely or partially only by the primary cardholder.

Can I have more than one Inspire card under my account?

Yes! You can have up to two cards under the same account. You can choose to do so when you pick up your card in store—but you can't add a second card after you pick the first one up.

Why do I need to provide my email address?

Your email address will be your username to log in to your SAQ Inspire space. This is also the address where you’ll receive SAQ emails for promotions, personalized offers, tips and event invitations—all based on your tastes and interests. You can unsubscribe from our communications at any time by changing the preferences in the Personal Information page.

What’s the difference between basic points and bonus points?

You accumulate basic points for each dollar of the net value spent on all your eligible purchases.


You can accumulate bonus points along with basic points by taking advantage of promotional offers. The number of bonus points awarded varies according to the promotions and the purchases made.

For more information, see the complete FAQ, Terms and conditions (PDF) or contact us.