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Last bottles from a previous arrival or last chance to purchase a specific vintage, don’t pass up the occasion to get your hands on popular products before they sell out completely.


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Premixxx Volcano

Canada, 1.14 L
SAQ code: 12290615

Base spirit: LiqueurFlavour: Cinnamon

Premixxx Volcano, regular price: $32.25
Premixxx Volcano : Available in outlets Premixxx Volcano : Available online

Adirondack ADK

United States, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12844235

Adirondack ADK, regular price: $49.00
Adirondack ADK : Available in outlets Adirondack ADK : Available online

Bordiga Extra Dry

Wine-based aperitif
Italy, 750 ml
SAQ code: 13104600

Bordiga Extra Dry, regular price: $31.00
Bordiga Extra Dry : Available in outlets Bordiga Extra Dry : Available online

McWilliams 1877 2008

Red wine
Australia, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12577093

McWilliams 1877 2008, regular price: $90.00
McWilliams 1877 2008 : Available in outlets McWilliams 1877 2008 : Available online

Bella Bellina Limonata

Wine cocktail
Italy, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12523167

Bella Bellina Limonata, regular price: $12.70
Bella Bellina Limonata : Available in outlets Bella Bellina Limonata : Available online

Cadenhead's Classic Gin

Dry gin
United Kingdom, 700 ml
SAQ code: 12927381

Cadenhead's Classic Gin, regular price: $65.00
Cadenhead's Classic Gin : Available in outlets Cadenhead's Classic Gin : Available online

Clarke's Court Special Dark Rum

Golden rum
Grenada, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12813148

Base spirit: Base

Clarke's Court Special Dark Rum, regular price: $62.00
Clarke's Court Special Dark Rum : Available in outlets Clarke's Court Special Dark Rum : Available online

Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka

United States, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12612223

Base spirit: Base

Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka, regular price: $59.00
Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka : Available in outlets Crop Organic Artisanal Vodka : Available online

J.P. Chenet Chardonnay

White wine
France, 750 ml
SAQ code: 00626481

Taste Tag: Aromatic and mellow

J.P. Chenet Chardonnay, regular price: $13.15
J.P. Chenet Chardonnay : Available in outlets J.P. Chenet Chardonnay : Available online

Mirassou Pinot Grigio

White wine
United States, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12490001

Taste Tag: Fruity and sweet

Mirassou Pinot Grigio, regular price: $14.65
Mirassou Pinot Grigio : Available in outlets Mirassou Pinot Grigio : Available online

NB Distillery Limited

Dry gin
United Kingdom, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12836534

Base spirit: Base

NB Distillery Limited, regular price: $54.00
NB Distillery Limited : Available in outlets NB Distillery Limited : Available online

René Geoffroy Cuvée Volupté

Sparkling wine
France, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12269314

René Geoffroy Cuvée Volupté, regular price: $99.50
René Geoffroy Cuvée Volupté : Available in outlets René Geoffroy Cuvée Volupté : Available online

Sour Puss

Fruit beverage (raspberry)
United States, 750 ml
SAQ code: 00518670

Base spirit: LiqueurFlavour: Raspberry

Sour Puss, regular price: $20.40
Sour Puss : Available in outlets Sour Puss : Available online

Zonin Velluto Veneto

Red wine
Italy, 750 ml
SAQ code: 11975495

Taste Tag: Fruity and medium-bodied

Zonin Velluto Veneto, regular price: $16.55
Zonin Velluto Veneto : Available in outlets Zonin Velluto Veneto : Available online

Bisquit XO

France, 700 ml
SAQ code: 12460910

Base spirit: Fine Spirit

Bisquit XO, regular price: $199.25
Bisquit XO : Available in outlets Bisquit XO : Available online

Château Léoville Poyferré

Red wine
France, 750 ml
SAQ code: 12909650

Château Léoville Poyferré, regular price: $139.00
Château Léoville Poyferré : Available in outlets Château Léoville Poyferré : Available online
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