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Ethics and respect form the foundation of all our
relationships, be they with our customers,
our partners or within the organization.

Our commitment to our customers

Inspired by our customers

At the SAQ, customers are our raison d’être, our source of inspiration. We want to offer them a friendly, personalized shopping experience centered on the pleasure of discovery and quality advisory service.


Learn about our commitment, which rests on four pillars: discovery, accessibility, fair pricing and respect for the environment.


Always listening

94% customer satisfaction rate

The SAQ listens to its customers and constantly works to meet their needs and offer them a unique shopping experience. Through the ongoing survey, customers can, at any time, express their opinion about the services they receive in SAQ stores.


In fiscal 2016-2017, more than 200,000 SAQ customers answered the satisfaction survey and 94% said they were satisfied with their shopping experience.




Quality products

With more than 13,200 products from 3,100 suppliers around the globe, the SAQ considers the quality and integrity of the products it sells to be of crucial importance. We therefore apply a high standard of quality control through our ISO 9001-certified quality management system and ISO 17025-certified laboratory. The SAQ also complies with all Health Canada regulations.