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Long live our winters

In Quebec, wintertime is so long, we might as well enjoy it! And there are many ways to embrace winter at its best during outdoor activities. And to highlight the end of the day, here are some cold-weather cocktail ideas, to be enjoyed in the warmth of your own home or outdoors to reconnect with the winter magic.

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the three identifications

Homegrown discoveries celebrating local flavours


Discover the expertise and dynamism of local producers and learn more about their journeys often filled with surprising anecdotes.

  • La Halte des Pèlerins: Urban winemaking

    La Halte des Pèlerins: Urban winemaking

    Estrie, just 5 minutes away from Sherbrooke, is where Marco Corbin and his family combine their love of wine with their flair for hosting to create the star products at La Halte des Pèlerins vineyard, which include Le Prestige and Le Voyageur. Here’s my visit to this fascinating urban winery.

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Meet passionate local artisan producers who proudly offer us the best of la Belle Province’s terroir.

  • Climate Change: The impact on Quebec wines

    Climate Change: The impact on Quebec wines

    Climate change is happening and is quite literally on everyone's lips. While the vineyards of the Old World are being affected, Quebec viticulture is also experiencing its surprising effects. What impacts will the climate crisis have on our wine? Experts and winemakers shed some light on the subject.

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  • Tractor in an orchard

    Unfiltered cider: Cloudy and tasty

    The growing trend surrounding natural wines seems to wrap its curiosity around cloudy ciders, too. Priding a back-to-basics approach to fully let the raw material express its true nature while innovating in techniques and product, cloudy cider is gaining in popularity, fans and notoriety.

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Local know-how

After years spent patiently honing their craft, local winemakers, cider makers, distillers and other alcoholic beverage producers learned to instill their diverse heritage into delicious products.

  • Honey wine: Drink of the gods!
    Production methods

    Honey wine: Drink of the gods!

    Honey, an essential ingredient in the production of honey wine, is rich in tradition. Over time, several nations have attributed remarkable powers to it. Today, Quebec artisans have kept most of this heritage to offer a range of delicious honey-based products.

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  • Blind tastings with 3 customers

    No label mystery tastings

    Everyone has their own taste. So, there are as many different tastes as there are ways to express them. Among the large selection of products identified Origine Québec, Made in Québec and Bottled in Québec, there’s something for everyone, just like these blind tastings will show.

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