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Fields of flavour

Chef Maxime Lizotte meets winemaker Stéphane Lamarre, owner of the Château de Cartes vineyard, as well as beekeeper and brewmaster William Audet, cofounder of the Cru d’abeille meadery. Fertile ground for highlighting all the good things Quebec fields have to offer.

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Homegrown discoveries celebrating local flavours


Meet passionate local artisan producers who proudly offer us the best of la Belle Province’s terroir.

  • Quebec's green fairy

    Quebec's green fairy

    It inspired 19th century poets and artists, and was banned, then legalized 100 years later. Absinthe is still shrouded in mystery to this day—but local distillers are doing their best to crack the code! Here are the secrets behind a spirit that’s winning over a growing number of Quebecers.

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  • Cidrerie Michel Jodoin

    Cidrerie Michel Jodoin: A beautiful family story

    You’d be right in referring to Cidrerie Michel Jodoin as a perfectly balanced blend of a legacy that continues to grow, a passionate team, an owner who’s also a bon vivant, and products you’ll only find here in Quebec. It’s easy to see why this slice of paradise is the pride of Rougemont!

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Local know-how

After years spent patiently honing their craft, local winemakers, cider makers, distillers and other alcoholic beverage producers learned to instill their diverse heritage into delicious products.

  • Sous le bouchon

    Episode 8 | Quebec wines

    The wine-making business in Quebec is growing fast thanks to the know-how, determination and ingenuity of our local artisans. Join us with 2 local winemakers: Isabelle Lafont from Vignoble Les artisans du terroir and Daniel Lalande from the Rivière du Chêne vineyard and La Cantina vineyard as we discuss the Quebec wine industry.

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  • Does piquette pique your curiosity?

    Does piquette pique your curiosity?

    Do you know piquette? In French, the term has often been used to mean plonk or poor quality wine, but it’s actually a slightly tart, low-alcohol drink that’s been gaining popularity in the past few years. We look at the phenomenon in the latest edition of Fresh!

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  • hydromel


    Deeply rooted in tradition, honey wine (mead) has finally found its place in today’s cellars. Intermiel’s delectable nectars, in particular, have enjoyed front-row seats to this renewed need for mead. Here’s a look at the libation that will leave you wanting more.

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  • Quebec ciders

    The wonderful world of Quebec ciders

    The first cider producers in Quebec go back to... New France. We owe them to Norman settlers, for whom production was a common thing. The first orchards were planted in Québec City and Île d’Orléans, followed by the Sulpicians in Montreal. 

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