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Sous le bouchon – Quebec Products


Episode 2 | Quebec Products

Quebecers are increasingly conscious about buying local. In the last year, sales of Quebec products have increased nearly 30% at the SAQ. Real underlying trend or temporary "pandemic" solidarity? Two experts on the alcohol market in Quebec give their opinion.

Published on December 3, 2021

Episode 2 - Quebec Products (In french only)

Sous le Bouchon –The SAQ Podcast

A discussion with two passionate SAQ experts: Simon Bourbeau et Stéphane Denis.

Available at all times on SAQ.COM, as well as on the usual platforms 

VignobleRiviereduCheneMarie CharestVignobleRiviereduCheneMarie Charest
Icon QuébecIcon Québec

The growing industry of
local wines and spirits

More refined offerings, better marketing and customers looking to “drink local”: Quebec beverage alcohol products are popular for a reason.

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