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Low-alcohol products

Du faible en alcool on en a.

From premixed cocktail to fruity red, bubbly and beer, we’ve got a moderate version of the drinks you love, for any and all occasions.

Products with 0.5% or lessProducts with 0.5% or less

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Seventh Heaven

The same good taste as the range’s regular gin and tonic, enhanced with fruity notes of pink grapefruit revealing a slight bitterness. The perfect hassle-free cocktail, ready to go, just open and enjoy.

"A soft spot for this product with 0.5% alcohol." 

- Marilyn L., SAQ

"Oh my god! It tastes like the real cocktail!"

- Chloe D.

Seventh Heaven Gin Tonic PamplemousseSeventh Heaven Gin Tonic Pamplemousse

Noroi distillery

The Noroi distillery takes great pride in its unique technology, which allows it to preserve the subtlety of the aromas of this low-alcohol gin. Judge for yourself by using it in your favourite cocktails. 

"It really tastes like a Dry Gin. Great in cocktails!"

- Éric F.

Noroi Esprit-de-LondonNoroi Esprit-de-London

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Corona Sunbrew

Even the venerable Corona now comes in a low alcohol version.
Ideal with this colourful guacamole, always a must to satisfy an early evening craving. 

"Very refreshing, all you have to do is add lime."

- Sylvie S., SAQ Sélection Blainville

Corona SunbrewCorona Sunbrew
Mexican saladMexican salad

Mexican salad

Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling

Riesling lovers should dare to try this German option with 0% alcohol, produced in proper fashion.
A real delight with these refined yet simple croutons. 

"A refreshing lemony touch, excellent as an aperitif or with a cheese fondue."

- Marie-Lyne G., SAQ Bellefeuille

Leitz Eins-Zwei-Zero RieslingLeitz Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling
Croutons with ricotta, figs and honeyCroutons with ricotta, figs and honey

Croutons with ricotta, figs and honey


Quite popular, this low-alcohol sparkling wine can be enjoyed on any occasion.
As an aperitif, for mimosas at brunch or even with this decadent brie. You choose! 

"Very nice alternative to champagne to raise a glass to your loved ones."

- Caroline G.

Brie with maple syrup, apples and walnutsBrie with maple syrup, apples and walnuts

Brie with maple syrup, apples and walnuts


Artis Merlot Vin de France

The roundness of Merlot will be a perfect match for a pork tenderloin with sweet
accents that melts in the mouth. All this in a wine with 0.5% alcohol. 

"Fruity and sweet. Really surprising for a low-alcohol wine!"

- Marc-Olivier V.

Artis Merlot Vin de FranceArtis Merlot Vin de France
Pork tenderlion with cranberries and orangePork tenderlion with cranberries and orange

Pork tenderlion with cranberries and orange

Freixenet Legero

The famous Spanish estate offers a low-alcohol version of its popular sparkling wine.
Treat yourself and try it with sushi; you’ll be delighted!

"We serve this wine to family and friends as an aperitif and they always really like it."

- Bruno G. 

Freixenet LegeroFreixenet Legero

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