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You like to keep up with what’s new, but never really know what to buy? Join us right here every Thursday to find out which bottles our resident tasters pick out from the online new arrivals. Discover what they love, the fun bottles that stand out from many (many) tasted.

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Julie and Éric

They are our esteemed uber-curious colleagues, graduates of the biz, who teach courses and are responsible for tastings of all products we promote. The ones who dish out the pairing ideas, create the taste tags you love and provide the beautiful stories behind our products. And much more. #dreamjob

Les expertsLes experts
  1. A rice drink, this sake is a Junmaï Ginjo, an alcohol naturally obtained during fermentation and not by added alcohol. Furthermore, the rice grains have been polished to a minimum of 40%, pledge of fineness and quality. The result is a fresh, thirst-quenching beverage, with delicate scents reminiscent of flowers and cantaloupe notes.
  2. Successfully cultivated throughout Trentino, Teroldego reveals itself at this location through accents of dried flowers, red berries, pink pepper and licorice. Thirty minutes in the fridge is enough to refresh it properly and enable it to express itself with confidence and generosity in your glass. The perfect candidate for cannelloni with tomato sauce or an entrée of beef carpaccio.
  1. After several months of maturing on fine lees, this crémant de Loire offers a charming version of the cabernet franc variety. Deep and complex, its red berry aromas are complemented by brioche and white chocolate flavors. We bet you won't be able to resist it with a salmon tartar with strawberries and avocado purée!

Restaurant: Foiegwa
Illustator: Marc Tremblay
Photographer: Alison Slattery, Two Food Photographers

Top wines of the week to buy

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