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Champagne and sparkling wine

Champagne and sparkling wine, only for special occasions? Not at all! Find out more about the producing regions, the pairings and the service of sparkling wine in The spirit of knowing blog.

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  1. Battle of the 2024 trends

    Battle of the 2024 trends

    The year is drawing to a close and soon we’ll be raising a glass to 2024. What will this new vintage have in store for us? We spoke to a few experts (and one amateur!) to get a clearer picture.

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  2. Visuel Feuillatte

    Nicolas Feuillatte champagne to end the year in style

    If champagne is a guest of choice for New Year's Day, it also goes well with a few other notable moments during the end-of-year celebrations. Nicolas Feuillatte offers you four cuvées that are just as special as your gatherings.

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  3. Holiday magic and Bollinger champagne

    Holiday magic and Bollinger champagne

    Champagne is a luxury we love to share at various festive times throughout the year, but during the holidays, it shines at its brightest. Among the most renowned Champagne houses, Bollinger signs four cuvées to give and to get, perfectly on point with the season's magic.

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  4. Bottle of Hungaria Grande Cuvée Rosé

    Add a little pop to your picnic

    If Mother Nature took us on a little rollercoaster this summer, the sunny season is far from over: Technically, it lasts well into September and the most beautiful days are (hopefully) yet to come. So, grab a bubbly and a basket and enjoy every picnic moment.

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  5. Wine and sushi pairing guide
    Pairings and Taste Tags

    Your guide to the best wine and sushi pairings

    This much-adored Japanese specialty deserves a wine that will bring out the flavours of each delectable roll.

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  6. Fresh: Pop goes the bubbly!

    Fresh: Pop goes the bubbly!

    In the latest edition of Fresh, we pop the cork on a bubbly new trend: sparkling wines! And who better to guide us than Monsieur Bulles himself? Heads up, it’s gonna pop!

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  7. Fresh: 2023 uncorked

    2023 uncorked

    Fresh is a new series of articles that explores the latest trends in the world of alcohol. To start the year off on the right foot, we asked experts to predict what's in store for us in 2023.

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  8. Illustration: Gabriel Sabourin

    Spotlight on artisanal champagnes

    "Fresh" is a new series of articles that explores the latest trends in the world of wines and spirits. To kick things off, we're turning our attention to a growing trend: artisanal champagnes.

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  9. prosecco, cava, bubble, brunch, pairings

    A bubbly brunch!

    To celebrate the warm weather, here are 5 suggestions for sparkling wine to savour at your next brunch, as well as recipe ideas that pair perfectly with bubbles.

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  10. Flutes with Champagne.
    Tasting and service

    How to serve Champagnes and bubblies

    Ideal beverages for celebrations, sparkling wines must be served in a way which will optimize the product’s quality and subtlety. Here are a few basic notions on how to serve Champagne and sparkling wine.

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  11. Champagne bottle in an ice bucket, with flutes.
    Production methods

    Champagne and sparkling wines demystified

    A great addition to festive moments, these wines are characterized by the more or less important presence of carbon dioxide. Some will display a subtle effervescence like fizzy wines, while sparkling wines and Champagnes offer a more abundant effervescence.

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  12. champagne laurent-perrier, holidays

    Laurent-Perrier champagne: A story of savoir-faire

    Produced by a family estate that is more than two hundred years old, Laurent-Perrier champagnes are synonymous with elegance, freshness and purity. An incomparable savoir-faire as well as great respect for the terroir allow this house to offer unique and distinctive cuvées.

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