Our bistros SAQ: The spirit of giving back

It's a well-known fact that bistros SAQ are lively gathering places at the heart of festivals throughout Quebec.

But that's not all: did you know that 100% of the sales of the bistros SAQ are donated directly to the festivals you attend? When you go to the bistro SAQ, you're contributing to the festival or event you're attending.

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We offer the products free of charge and the promoters in turn sell these products to festival-goers in the bistros SAQ. This way, all the money raised by the sale of these products goes back to the event, which can then reinvest it in quality programming. So, by having a drink at one of the many bistros, you are helping to support culture in your community! 

Local products in the spotlight

To showcase the talent of our local artisans, all our bistros SAQ offer Quebec products. You'll always find a local wine, spirit or cider on the menu!

Responsible drinking

Don't forget that in all our bistros you will find a range of low alcohol products if you want to enjoy a drink without the effects of alcohol.

Our donations and sponsorships program

The SAQ contributes to the economic and social vitality of all regions of Quebec. We invest more than $5 million a year to support 250 organizations and events. More specifically, we support organizations in the fields of education, health and culture - such as museums, orchestras and festivals of all sizes throughout Quebec. We also support activities related to our industry such as wine and spirits shows. And let's not forget food assistance, our major corporate cause. Find out more

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The next time you visit one of our bistros SAQ, you will notice that drinks are now served in reusable glasses.

Thanks to a partnership with the Quebec company Cupko, we will be able to remove approximately 400,000 single-use glasses from our bistros each year.

This initiative is part of a series of actions to reduce our environmental footprint. For example, to contribute to the ecological transition, we have implemented initiatives that affect both our supply chain and the management of our branches. These include lightweight glass and reducing the number of fridges in stores.