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Terms of sale

Terms of sale for SAQ.COM, SAQ stores and the SAQ mobile application

The following terms of sale apply to all purchases made in SAQ stores, on SAQ.COM and via the SAQ mobile application.

All reference to “online” includes both SAQ.COM and the SAQ mobile application.

General terms applicable to all sales

Price policy

The prices indicated on the SAQ.COM site are those established for consumer sales.

The applicable sales taxes are included in the prices displayed.

SAQ.COM reserves the right to modify the prices of products available on its site at any time, without prior notice.

All prices quoted on the SAQ.COM site are in Canadian dollars.

The prices of products available on SAQ.COM may differ from those posted in SAQ stores.

To make up for unpredictable fluctuations in the market, the SAQ reserves the right to modify the prices of products available on its site at any time, without prior notice.

SAQ.COM reduced prices do not apply at SAQ Dépôt stores, unless stated otherwise.


SAQ Inspire points

SAQ Inspire points are offered to members only. Clients must be members before completing the transaction, failing which, they will not benefit from the promotional offers. No points or other benefits will be awarded for the transaction once it has been processed.

SAQ Inspire points do not apply at SAQ Dépôt outlets, unless stated otherwise.

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Vintage products

For vintage products, the vintage year in stock may differ from the one displayed on SAQ.COM.
Bottles may vary in appearance from the ones shown in product pages.

For any exchange or return regarding a vintage error, the customer must go to the store of his choice, regardless of if the product was purchased in store or online.

Law governing minors and inebriated people

Under section 103.9 of the Act regarding offences relating to alcoholic beverages, minors may not purchase alcohol for their own or someone else's consumption. Under section 117.1 of the same law, an adult may not purchase alcohol for a minor. Therefore, the SAQ is entitled to require an ID to ensure that the purchaser and the person who takes possession of the products are not minors.

Article 109 of the ARORAB prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to an inebriated person or to an adult when the seller or his representative knows that the alcoholic beverages are purchased by him for a person who is clearly under the influence of alcohol and that they are intended to be drunk by the latter.

Resale prohibited

The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Quebec unless it is carried out by a permit holder or if it is authorized by a legislative provision. It is therefore strictly forbidden for any person who does not hold a permit issued by the Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux to sell alcoholic beverages in Quebec, even if they have been acquired from the SAQ or any other person authorized to sell alcoholic beverages in Quebec.

According to the provisions of the ARORAB, when a person is found in possession of a considerable quantity of alcoholic beverages having regard to his condition and occupation, he is presumed to keep or possess it for the purpose of selling, which constitutes a prohibited sale within the meaning of the ARORAB.

The SAQ reserves the right to refuse to sell alcoholic beverages to any person who does not hold a permit when there is reason to believe that they are not intended for the personal consumption of the purchaser.

Limit of quantities purchased

The SAQ reserves the right to limit the number of alcoholic beverage containers purchased by the same person, whether due to the rarity of products purchased or due to the fact that the SAQ is of the opinion that the purchase is not for the personal consumption of the unlicensed purchaser.

The SAQ's right to limit the number of containers of alcoholic beverages purchased by a customer applies, whether the purchase is made in one or in several transactions.

Acceptance of the terms of sale

By purchasing a product in-store or online, the customer acknowledges being bound by the SAQ's terms of sale and accepting them.


Terms and conditions of in-store sales

Product availability

Availability of products in stores is shown in real-time on SAQ.COM. However, since we cannot guarantee availability of these products, we suggest you check with store personnel beforehand. The SAQ waives any liability in case of inventory shortages.

In-store payment options

Purchases made at SAQ stores may be paid for with cash, certified cheque, postal money order, Interac debit card or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express). The SAQ gift card and SAQ Inspire points are also accepted payment options.

In-store refund and exchange policy

Upon presentation of a sales receipt, the SAQ refunds any product purchased in an SAQ store in the last 90 days, under certain conditions.

You must present the sales receipt when requesting a refund. For exchanges, the sales receipt is optional, provided that the following rules be complied with:

  • a vintage product can be exchanged if there isn’t more than a one-year difference between the vintage being brought back and the one currently being sold;
  • the label must not have changed;
  • a product with an expiry date must not be expired;
  • the product must exist in the directory.

To be exchanged or reimbursed, the returned product must be sealed in order for the store to be able to sell the product again, or the product inside the container must be defective. In this case, the returned bottle must be at least three quarters full. Otherwise, the packaging, the bottle and the labels of a sealed product that be can be sold again must be in good condition. An open bottle that doesn't have any fabrication defect cannot be refunded or exchanged.

With or without a sales receipt, a product that can't be consumed due to a fabrication defect can be exchanged or reimbursed under certain conditions. The exchange or refund may take place in the store of your choice, even if the purchase was made in another point of sale in Quebec (store, SAQ agency or supermarket*). The bottle of a defective product must be at least three quarters full.

*The following policy applies to products purchased in a grocery or convenience store: if the product is defective, it may be exchanged or refunded at the SAQ store of your choosing. If the product hasn’t been opened, you must go to the grocery store or convenience store where you purchased it to obtain an exchange or a refund.


Terms and conditions of online sales

Product availability

The SAQ makes every effort to keep a sufficient inventory of the products offered on its website. However, the availability of these products is not guaranteed.

The SAQ waives any liability in case of inventory shortages.

If the SAQ is unable to deliver a product ordered through its SAQ.COM site, the buyer will be notified accordingly by email or telephone. If such is the case, any amount charged to your credit card or any point deduction from the SAQ Inspire account for products, including delivery charges, will be credited as soon as possible, according to the same method used during the purchase.

The SAQ reserves the right to limit quantities ordered from its website.

In-store delivery

You can have your order delivered free of charge with the purchase of eligible products worth $75 or more (after all applicable rebates have been deducted).

If your online purchases are under $75, your order can be delivered for $6.

Orders are currently delivered in stores within an estimated delivery time of 5 to 7 business days.


Order pick up and age verification

When picking up your order in-store, please have the order number or the email notice confirming your order is ready with you. The identity and age of the person picking up the order and signing for it will be verified with one of the following identification cards: driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, citizenship card or any other valid form of photo ID issued by a government authority.

When picking up your order in-store, an employee will check the contents of the parcel with you to ensure that no product is missing and that it does not contain a wrong item or a broken bottle.

If you can not pick up the order yourself, you may send another person aged at least 18 years old in your stead. This person must have in their possession the order confirmation email or the in-store order pickup email notice, or the bill. This person will also have to provide a recognized form of ID.

Home delivery

Home delivery is available, for $12 per order. Deliveries are carried out by Purolator within an estimated delivery time of 5 to 7 business days.


Products delivered free of charge

All products shipped in envelopes, like gift cards, are delivered free of charge throughout Quebec. When a gift is offered online, it is shipped to the recipient of the order.

Remote areas

Deliveries in remote areas are carried out by Canada Post's Air Stage Offices, whose delivery fees differ and stand as follows (delivery times are not guaranteed):

  • basic rate: $55 per order
  • additional rate: $8 per item

Proof of age required

Upon delivery of your order, the identity and age of the person receiving the parcel and signing the receipt are verified.

Online payment options 

Accepted forms of payment for online purchases on the SAQ Website and mobile application are Visa, Visa debit, MasterCard, Mastercard debit and American Express credit cards, and SAQ Inspire points. Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted for Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as Interac cards issued by certain Canadian institutions.

It is possible to use your points to pay for your order in full or in part. This option is available only if you completed your registration on website SAQ.COM or the SAQ mobile application, if you have earned a minimum of 1,000 points in your account. The amount will be charged on the credit, debit or Interac card and/or subtracted from SAQ Inspire points upon confirmation of the order.

For more details on online payment, please consult our transaction security page.

Sales taxes

All prices for products offered on the SAQ.COM Website and mobile application include taxes. The amounts as well as the GST and QST tax numbers are indicated at the bottom of the invoice.

The applicable sales taxes are not included in the delivery fees displayed. They are added at the time of payment.

SAQ.COM refund and exchange policy

SAQ.COM allows you to exchange a product purchased online or obtain a refund. What happens if your order is incomplete? If you order the wrong product or the one you receive is either broken or defective? If, when you pick up the package in-store, you refuse the entire order, it will be refunded to you by the Customer Relations Centre and not in-store. There is a processing time before the refund is issued. Below are other answers. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Relations Centre.

Product in good condition

A product ordered by mistake, provided it was in good condition at the time of receipt, may be exchanged or refunded at an outlet selected by the client. However, the product must be sealed (e.g., uncorked bottle) and returned with a proof of purchase (copy of e-mailed confirmation or invoice printed through the site) within 90 days. If no proof of purchase is presented, the product may only be exchanged.

In no way will the SAQ refund delivery charges for the exchange or refund of a product in good condition.

Different vintage than the one displayed

It may happen that the vintage of a product shipped to the customer differs from the one displayed on SAQ.COM at the time of the order. To obtain an exchange or a refund, the client must go to the store of his choice.

Please note that the SAQ will not refund any delivery fees in both these cases.

Defective product

The client must return the defective product (e.g. corked) in-store. Our refund policy enables the client to obtain an exchange or refund. The bottle returned must be at least three-quarters full.

Missing product, wrong item or broken bottle

Orders delivered in-store

When the client picks up his order in-store, an employee will check the contents of the parcel with him and, if a product is missing, a product not ordered is included or if a bottle is broken, there are three possible options:

  • If the client wants the missing or broken product to be replaced, an employee will make the switch right away if the product is available or will have it delivered again free of charge.
  • If the client doesn’t want to have the missing or broken product replaced or if it’s not available, an employee will refund the price of the product.
  • If a product that wasn’t ordered is included in the order by mistake, it will be removed from the customer's parcel.

If the order is picked up by another person than the one who made the order, it will not be possible to issue a refund.

Home delivery

A client must contact the Customer Relations Center if there is a product missing from the order. Two options are available:

  • If the client wishes to replace the missing bottle, SAQ.COM sends the product and covers all delivery charges for the new shipment;
  • If the client no longer wants the product or if there aren't any left in stock, SAQ.COM reimburses the purchase price of the product. Please note that the SAQ will not refund delivery fees associated with this product if the order contains several other products.

Complete refund

In the following cases, the SAQ will refund the order entirely, including delivery fees if applicable:

  • The purchase was made by a minor.
  • The client didn’t pick up the order before the deadline.

Note: A refund can be issued only if the person picking up the order in-store is the same one who made the order.

In the case of a refund, the SAQ will reimburse only the portion paid for with a credit card, in cash or with a debit card. Any use of points will be adjusted in the client’s points account.

If the value of points used is below $10, you will receive an equivalent cash refund, even in the case of an online order returned in-store, if the payment has been made online entirely with points.


Legal age to purchase alcohol

Since alcohol is unlike any other product, the SAQ must comply with legislation governing the marketing of alcoholic beverages. This requires that every effort be made to ensure that SAQ products are sold and delivered only to individuals 18 years or older. To shop on SAQ.COM, you acknowledge that you are bound by and accept SAQ sales conditions. The buyer must be 18 years old or over and must provide proof of this when the merchandise is delivered. To this effect, the buyer must show the SAQ one of the following documents: valid passport, valid driver's license, valid health insurance card. If the merchandise is received by a person other than the buyer, they must prove their majority. No delivery will be made to a person under 18, even if the alcoholic beverages were paid for beforehand.

Terms specific to the PI boutique

In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of the preceding sections and those of this section, the latter will prevail.

PI agency fees

PI agency fees will only be refunded if you provide a receipt.
SAQ Inspire base points are not attributed to PI agency fees.

Lottery terms and conditions

Price policy

The prices indicated on the SAQ.COM site are those established for consumer sales.

It is not allowed for clients who are permit holders of the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for the sale of alcoholic beverages to participate in this lottery.

You must pay only for the products for which you entered the lottery, that were allocated to you by the automated lottery process and that you wish to purchase, according to the maximum quantity you indicated when you entered the draw.

The maximum quantity you can buy is the quantity you indicated when you entered the draw.

For example, if you indicated five (5) bottles for product X, and this product is allocated to you, you can purchase five (5) bottles or less of product X. Your purchase is final: if you decide to buy three (3) bottles of product X instead of five (5), it will not be possible to purchase the remaining two (2) bottles allocated to you at a later time. These two bottles will be released and could be part of a second draw.


Purchasing products

The lottery process on SAQ.COM intends to randomly allocate to participants the possibility to purchase products of a given event.

Once the participation period is over, the computerized lottery process will randomly allocate products to participants. You will receive an email informing you if products were allocated to you or not. You have 48 hours after this email is sent to purchase products allocated to you. Your purchase if final. Bottles not purchased will be part of a second lottery if applicable.


Product delivery

Please refer to the Delivery fees section of our online sales conditions.


Cancellation and transfer of the order

Products that have been awarded following a draw are not eligible for a refund nor can be transferred and the client is responsible for paying the price in full. Products ordered by a customer may in no circumstances be transferred to another client.


Limit of responsibility and product guarantee

If, for any reason, the SAQ cannot deliver the products to the client, its sole responsibility is to credit the client or to reimburse them for the amount paid.

The SAQ guarantees these products for a period of 12 months from the date of possession by client. Upon return of a defective product, the SAQ will replace it or reimburse the purchase price. For further information concerning the exchange and reimbursement policy, please contact SAQ Inspire Signature.


Respect of participation rules

It is forbidden to create several accounts with different email adresses. Those who don’t respect this rule will have their SAQ.COM accounts deleted and won’t be able to create new accounts, preventing them from gaining access to lottery events.

If the SAQ determines that individuals alter or use the lottery process on SAQ.COM in a wrongful way, notably, but not exclusively by infringing on its regulations, by trying to enter the draw more often than the maximum order of times allowed, by acting in a way that hinders the normal draw process, these individuals will be disqualified.

Any person who tries to enter the draw by using robotic entry methods, automated, macro or programmed, by third parties or any other similar method will have these attempts cancelled and the account of this person will be deleted at the sole and entire discretion of the SAQ.

About the operator

The SAQ.COM website and the SAQ mobile application are operated by the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). The sales conditions mentioned above act as a contract between the customer and the SAQ. The sales conditions can be modified at any time by the SAQ.

Legal operating address:

Société des alcools du Québec
7500, rue Tellier
Montréal (Quebec) H1N 3W5

Telephone, Montreal area: 514 254-2020
Telephone, elsewhere in Quebec: 1 866 873-2020

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