A reduced ecological footprint

Popular here in Quebec, Grand Sud rosé is now offered in a new bottle made with 25% recycled plastic. Same taste, same format, in a more practical, lightweight and unbreakable bottle, perfect to bring with you during all your summer outings. 

This new bottle integrates 25% recycled plastic, with a carbon footprint reduced by more than 50% compared to a glass bottle!*

*The switch from glass to plastic and the integration of 25% recycled plastic make the container ten times lighter and minimize the extraction of raw materials for its manufacture. Data from a life cycle analysis conducted for the SAQ allow us to estimate that this change would allow a reduction of more than 50% in greenhouse gas emissions associated with the container over its entire life cycle. 

Is using plastic really environmentally friendly?
Yes, because plastic...

  • causes less GHG: A reduction of more than 50% in greenhouse gas emissions thanks to a bottle made of 25% recycled plastic.
  • is lighter: A 32% reduction in the weight of the cases compared to those containing glass bottles helps reduce the loads lifted by our employees.  
  • is easy to recycle: Put the bottle in your recycling bin or bag and it will have a second life. 
  • is more compact: 25% more cases per pallet compared to glass bottles means less containers are needed to import the product from Europe. 
  • doesn't alter taste at all: The wine keeps its same good taste. 



Enjoy it this summer and year-round

Especially during summer, what a pleasure to share a good rosé with friends and family and to savour it with your favourite dishes. Try Grand Sud rosé with our delicious barbecued stuffed  mushrooms recipe.

Not a big fan of mushrooms? No problem, we have a lot of tempting recipes for you to try that will be great with this rosé unveiling notes of red berries.