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Wine and food pairings

What’s better than enjoying a great meal with a nice glass of wine? Which wine should you choose for a perfect pairing?  Wine and meal pairings aren’t that complicated! Explore our practical advice and taste tags, in order to get the perfect marriage every time. 

Paysage AlsacePaysage Alsace

Alsace, nice whites!

White wine is popular in Quebec again, and how fortunate for Alsace — it’s their speciality. With an age-old winemaking tradition, the region proposes an exceptional offering of grapes that spring forth from a dizzying variety of terroirs.

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktailsRosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

Rosé for brunch, dinner & cocktails

What is the best time of day to enjoy rosé? We suggest its best to toast with a glass of rosé over brunch, dinner and cocktail hour.

In the spotlight

Visuel Art de la tableVisuel Art de la table

The art of pairings

When getting ready to sit down for a meal, choosing the right wine can really make your culinary creations shine. Some basic pointers in the art of pairing can bring out hitherto undetected nuances in both your dishes and in your wine.

Discover your taste tags

For over 10 years, taste tags have been a simple and practical tool that allows you to easily find the wines, spirits and gins you'll love. Each tag is associated with a specific taste profile. Learn which type of product you prefer, then explore with confidence other products of the same profile. It’s that simple!

Our recipes

Get inspired by a ton of recipes, from appetizer to dessert. Whether you’re a fan of French, South American, Asian or other types of cuisine, we’ve got you covered, wine suggestions included!

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  1. father's day, gift ideas, port, champagne, wine, scotchs, recipe, pairings

    6 suggestions for all types of Dads

    Ever think Father's Day was deliberately positioned in the middle of barbecue season? We're throwing it out there, along with suggestions for raising a glass to your grill master, to the one who has a solution to everything and who would come get you at the ends of the earth. Come hell or high shark-infested water.

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  2. Joel Gott wines

    Joel Gott wines, delicious and generous

    Coming from the fourth generation of a winemaking family, Joel Gott crafts affordable gourmet wines while giving back to the community. Discover his wines that are as great with food as they are with a good cause.

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  3. visuel article

    California at all costs

    You certainly know and enjoy several Californian wines among the best sellers, but the legendary region also produces high-end cuvées to treat yourself. As spring approaches, we’re taking you on a tour of the region through 12 wines for all budgets.

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  4. Two wine glasses for Valentine's Day

    8 suggestions for Valentine’s Day

    No need to run to the restaurant to proclaim your love or walk around with a heart-shaped box and a flamboyant bouquet under your arm. All you need is a little extra for your evening at home, whatever your situation. And lucky for you, we’ve got ideas.

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  5. 5 food and wine mismatches explained by science

    5 food and wine mismatches explained by science

    Everyone’s heard or used the expression “food and wine pairing.” Most people know some of the basic principles and may even have their own winning combos, but what about the mismatches that can sour a tasting experience? 

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  6. Lamole

    Wine and pasta : 2 simply delicious pairings

    We all crave some much-needed simplicity after the holidays, looking to give our waistband and wallet a break. But what if we still spoiled ourselves, just a little, with a good wine and instead dialed it down on the food with a simple and comforting dish. Pasta and Chianti after a day of ski? We say si.

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  7. Ruffino

    Italian-style celebrations with Ruffino

    Panettone, polenta, prosciutto; many are the delights shared by Italian families during the holidays. To accompany all these festive dishes, prosecco and vino are of course the way to go. Take inspiration from the country's traditions with the renowned Ruffino estate to celebrate the Italian way.

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  8. 5 pairings with West Coast varieties

    5 pairings with West Coast varieties

    For a fun fall evening at home, we propose embarking on a little US West Coast trip through 5 varieties, from Pinot to Merlot. On top of becoming somewhat of a wine pro with these main grapes, you’ll find pairing ideas to sharpen your skills as a chef as well.

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  9. Cabral Porto

    Cabral port: Pairings beyond chocolate

    We often talk about aperitifs, but the end of the meal is just as important. That’s when we linger at the table to chat around a decadent finale, whether dessert or cheese, with no other dish or commitment in sight. Spotlight on port, to take you from start to grand finale.

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  10. Rocca delle Macie

    Fall comfort: Two pairings with Rocca delle Macie

    The change of season is subtle but it’s there; you can feel it in the air. For foodies, autumn might be the most beautiful season because markets are full of freshness, yet it feels appropriate to go back to slow-cooked dishes. Paired with a chianti, it’s enough to rejoice over cooler days.

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  11. Sélection Caseus

    Sélection Caseus: the Quebec cheese contest

    Annually crowning the best cheeses in Quebec, Sélection Caseus remains to this day the only competition to recognize and promote local cheese factories. Discover the winners and the ins and outs of this prestigious competition held on September 6th.

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  12. 3 recipes to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving

    3 recipes to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving

    Tired of the same old traditional Thanksgiving turkey? Fall is the perfect time to breathe new life into your cooking! These recipes are super simple and easy to make, plus they’ll leave you plenty of time to mingle with your guests.

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