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SAQ Survey

A simpler customer survey

To make your participation in the survey easier and faster, we changed our methods of gathering you feedback regarding your in-store shopping experience.

Clients who are members of the SAQ Inspire program will be randomly selected and will receive an email invitation to answer our survey.

By answering the survey,
you could win

$500 or $1,000

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If however, you have comments for us, please be assured that it’s always possible to reach us by contacting our Customer relations centre at 1 866 873-2020

Thank you for helping us serve you better!
The SAQ team

Winners of an SAQ gift card

6 months

2024 April (500 000 points Inspire): Johanne Lacompte –  SAQ - Lebel-sur-Quévillon
2024 March (500 000 points Inspire): Philippe  Aumais –  SAQ Express - Ste-Catherine Ouest - Stanley
2024 March (1 000 000 points Inspire): Carole Dubois –  SAQ - Carrefour de L'Estrie
2024 February (500 000 points Inspire): Pauline Giroux –  SAQ - Carrefour de L'Estrie
2024 January (500 000 points Inspire): Stéphanie Lemyre –  SAQ - Drummondville - Rue des Forges
2023 December (500 000 points Inspire): Geneviève Venne –  SAQ Sélection - Mont-Royal Est – Papineau
2023 November (500 000 points Inspire): Jean-Marc Riel –  SAQ Express - La Porte de Gatineau