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A winter of rosés

Rosé has earned itself a category all its own and we often forget that. Here’s a short guide to better understanding and pairing this pretty-in-pink drink.

The world of alcohol-free drinks

In the last few years, the array of alcohol-free products has grown into a more convincing and flavourful selection. Whether we opt for dry drinks for health reasons, lifestyle or just because we don’t wish to feel the effects of alcohol while toasting with friends, we can’t help but salute the work of producers behind this increasing diversity and quality.

Seasonal tips

Top 3 comfort food dishes

Here are a few of our favourite comfort food dishes and their perfect pairings. Find everything you need for an evening binge watching your favourite shows.

Our daily bread

Making your own bread has become super trendy. Try our amazing red wine bread – it’s sure to wow your guests! Serve it with a selection of pâté and terrines at your next happy hour.

National Popcorn Day

Here are a few one-of-a kind recipes to try at your next 5 à 7 or movie night, with pairing suggestions to boot.

full of flavour

To escape without traveling

Land of a Thousand and One Wines

Building on a 360-year history and a renewed and forward-looking energy, South Africa produces a range of wines as distinctive and diverse as its amazing landscapes.

Chile’s new horizons

After charming the world with its affordable, quality Cabernets, since the 1980s, Chile has incessantly been seeking out new opportunities and opening new wine territories.

New Zealand, green and growing

Propelled by the unflagging international success of its Sauvignon Blanc, the New Zealand wine industry is constantly expanding its horizons – and taking its green side seriously.

Zero alcohol,
100% fun cocktails



Beyond the Margarita, the popularity of this Mexican gem comes in many great varieties.

Rum a thousand ways

From the daiquiri to the tiki drink to the super-aged rum for sipping and contemplation, rum’s possibilities are vast indeed.

Campari: bitter’s better

Italy has created a wealth of aperitivo and amaro, bitter liqueurs based on special blends of herbs, spices, roots, citrus peel, and other secret ingredients. 

Don't miss out

Plan your holiday shopping 

Gin: The wind in its sails

Hop on board the gin trend and add the aromatic spirit to your holiday bar.

Local wines you'll love

A practical “if you like this, you’ll like that” guide to help you find the right local wine.

Suggestions of the week

Find out what our experts' loved from the all New arrivals they tasted.

'Tis the season for bubblies

Proudly local

Origine Québec

Proudly crafted by local artisans with homegrown ingredients.

Prepared in Québec

Proudly developed or distilled by passionate locals, with ingredients from here and elsewhere.

Bottled in Québec

Products proudly assembled and bottled by a local business, by people who live here.