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Ethics and respect form the foundation of all our
relationships, be they with our customers,
our partners or within the organization.

Sales Ethic

18 years and over, by law

We are committed to serving our customers well and selling responsibly. That is why we make a point of training our personnel about our sales ethic and informing the public of it through awareness campaigns.


Under the SAQ sales ethic, we refuse to sell beverage alochol to:

  • minors;
  • the obviously inebriated;
  • adults who attempt to buy beverage alcohol on behalf of a minor (even if they are the minor’s parent or guardian) or on behalf of someone who is inebriated.


Our employees are entitled to check the age, sobriety and intention of shoppers and to refuse to sell beverage alcohol to them if deemed necessary to comply with the sales ethic.


Proof of age is also required when delivering products purchased on the website.



Why does this matter?

  • Because beverage alcohol is a product unlike any other and the beverage alcohol trade is governed by laws and regulations.
  • Because the Act Respecting Offences Related to Alcoholic BeveragesCe lien s'ouvrira dans une nouvelle fenêtre. stipulates that:
    • a minor cannot purchase alcoholic beverages for himself or for another person (section 103.9);
    • an adult cannot purchase alcoholic beverages for a minor (section 117.1).
  • Because applying the sales ethic is an integral part of our work and responsibilities. As representatives of the SAQ, it is our duty to comply with the act and to ensure it is complied with.

Printable version of SAQ detailed sales ethic (PDF - 58 Ko)


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18+ by law, even if…


Chers parents, 18+ c'est la loi


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