Taste tag : Herbal/Vegetal
Bootlegger Botanique #3
Bootlegger Botanique #3

Bootlegger Botanique #3

Flavoured dry gin
| 750 ml
| Canada


Product of Québec : Made in Québec
Detailed info

Detailed info

« During prohibition, bootleggers were more concerned about avoiding the law, than what they kept their spirits in. Thus, every once in a while, some bootlegged gin acquired a little wood aging from being stored in barrels - Interesting? Certainly, but more importantly, flavourful! A perfect blend of botanicals, including juniper, dandelion root, rosehip and long pepper - B.B. #3 is finished with oak and applewood to give it that old time bootlegger taste. Discover a unique flavour from the past. »- Excerpt from the producer's website

  • Country Canada
  • Region Quebec
  • Degree of alcohol 42.3 %
  • Color Golden
  • Size 750 ml
  • Producer Distillerie le Pirate du Nord
  • SAQ code 13831006
  • UPC code 00627843869184
  • Product of Québec Made in Québec
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