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Senior management

The SAQ’s senior management team consists of a chief executive officer and nine vice-presidents. All are members of the company’s Management Committee. Together, they guide the activities of some 7,000 employees.

Picture of Jacques FarcyPicture of Jacques Farcy

Jacques Farcy
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Anju BissessurPicture of Anju Bissessur

Anju Bissessur
Information Technology

Picture of Luc BourdeauPicture of Luc Bourdeau

Luc Bourdeau
Strategic Development
Supply Chain

Picture of Sandrine BourletPicture of Sandrine Bourlet

Sandrine Bourlet
Marketing and Merchandising

Picture of Martine ComtoisPicture of Martine Comtois

Martine Comtois
Corporate Affairs
and Secretary General

Picture of Alexandre CôtéPicture of Alexandre Côté

Alexandre Côté
Talent and Employee Experience

Picture of Isabelle DufourPicture of Isabelle Dufour

Isabelle Dufour
Sales Network Operations

Picture of Édith FilionPicture of Édith Filion

Édith Filion
Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Picture of Marie-Hélène LagacéPicture of Marie-Hélène Lagacé

Marie-Hélène Lagacé
Communication and Sustainable Development

Picture of Martin LévesquePicture of Martin Lévesque

Martin Lévesque
Supply Chain