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The SAQ presents $931,590 to the Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) network

Montreal, February 24, 2022 – Combining customers’ generous donations in recent months and a donation of its own, the SAQ is proud to give more than $930,000 to the FBQ to help it fight against food insecurity and support persons affected by these difficult times.

The spirit of sharing
Catherine Dagenais, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ, wants to express her deep gratitude. “I warmly thank all who, once again, have showed solidarity with the fight against food insecurity and in support of people coping with hard times. This act of sharing expresses Quebecers’ sense of caring for the less fortunate.”

“Once again, the SAQ, its employees and its customers have proved that their generosity knows no bounds,” said Martin Munger, Director General of Food Banks of Quebec. “The entire Food Banks of Quebec network thanks you from the bottom of our heart!”

Loyal support for the FBQ
Due to the generosity of its customers and involvement of its employees, the SAQ has channelled nearly $14 million into the FBQ network since 2009, including $2.5 million in its latest fiscal year. The funds are used not only to meet the requests for assistance that the FBQ receives but also to support projects to acquire equipment needed to carry out its mission. The SAQ is proud to be the FBQ’s leading financial partner.

About Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ)
Since 1988, the Food Banks of Quebec network has played a key role in providing assistance to vulnerable persons dealing with food insecurity. Its 32 Moisson regional food bank and associate members across Quebec serve some 1,200 affiliated community organizations, which handle more than 1.9 million requests for food assistance a month. The donations received by the FBQ are shared equitably among its members, enabling them to recover, enhance and distribute food to the neediest across Quebec.