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Average price of SAQ products to drop 5 cents this Sunday

Montréal, November 8, 2019 - Since 2016, we have worked closely with suppliers to keep our prices stable for the
benefit of our customers.

While price increases were allowed for the second and last time this year, we are pleased to announce that, effective November 10, customers will see the prices of continuous replenishment products decrease an average 5 cents.

This round of price changes for continuous replenishment products can be summarized as follows :

  • the prices of 599 products will decrease an average $0.43
  • the prices of 359 products will increase an average $0.29
  • the prices of 1,885 other products will remain the same.

To the above can be added the 116 products whose prices decreased an average $0.65 in May.

Over the last year, prices for all continuous replenishment products at the SAQ have risen a mere 3 cents on average, and that is despite an increase in the federal excise tax. This proves the effectiveness of the steps taken by the SAQ to offer its customers the lowest prices in the Canadian market.

The price changes taking effect this Sunday are due, among other things, to changes in suppliers’ sales prices and in the euro and U.S. dollar exchange rates, all to the advantage of Quebec consumers.