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Irish coffee
Irish coffee

Irish coffee

+ Irish whiskey + Coffee
Difficulty Level
Type of glass
Toddy glass
Mixing spoon
  • 45 ml (1 1/2 oz.) Irish whiskey
  • 120 ml (4 oz.) hot expresso
  • 2 tsp. granulated sugar
  • 45 ml (1 1/2 oz.) whipped cream
In the glass

Pour hot espresso into a toddy glass and add sugar.

Pour in Irish whiskey.

Stir using a mixing spoon.

Top with whipped cream.

Pro tip:

Instead of topping it with whipped cream, pour a layer fresh cream over the back of a spoon onto the spiked coffee. Do not stir.


Did you know...

During Word War II, after a tiring 18-hour flight in bad weather, some American travellers arrived in Ireland by seaplane. The perceptive restaurant manager on duty concluded that these foreign guests might appreciate something a little stronger than coffee or tea. At his suggestion, the head chef put together a concoction now known as Irish Coffee.

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