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​Doing things

​We strive to have the highest management and governance standards in order to give the maximum back to Quebecers and create value for society.

​How we take action

​The SAQ was created more than a century ago for a reason: to sell beverage alcohol responsibly.
Over the decades, our ways of doing business have evolved but our DNA has remained the same.

Sell beverage alcohol responsibly

​Incorporate sustainability principles into our business decisions

Promote responsible purchasing
of goods and services

What we are putting in place


success rate

​95.5% of underage mystery customers were prevented from buying or tasting beverage alcohol in SAQ stores in fiscal 2023-2024

​Because alcoholic beverages are products unlike any other, beverage alcohol sales are governed by laws and regulations that we comply with and ensure others do too. 18 years and over, by law.

​Because moderation is always in good taste

​We’ve contributed to Éduc’alcool since its creation in 1989. This organization develops and runs prevention, education and information programs to help young people and adults make informed and responsible decisions around alcohol use.

$3.7 million

paid in fiscal 2023-2024


​​Fulfilling our mission while maintaining your trust

​Our Supplier Code of Conduct and, since 2012, our Responsible Procurement Policy, guide our commercial practices while respecting our environmental and social values and our ethical rules.

Our priorities

​Providing responsible choices​Providing responsible choices

​Offering responsible choices

It’s true we like to help you discover, taste and share. But beyond that, we’re even keener to do it with local and responsible products.

​Reducing our footprint ​Reducing our footprint

​​Reducing our footprint

We aim to be an agent of change in energy transition with solutions to minimize the GHG emissions of our operations and our industry.

​Supporting our community​Supporting our community

​Supporting our community

Strong communities are built from the inside out. With the help our employees, we’re working to have a positive impact on communities.

​Doing things better​Doing things better

​Doing things better

We don’t sell ordinary products, and our commitment to contributing to the collective good drives us to make informed, sustainable and responsible decisions.