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Sales rise 1.2% for the SAQ in the first quarter of its 2017-2018 fiscal year

Montreal, August 25, 2017 – In the first quarter of its 2017-2018 fiscal year, which began March 26 and ended June 17, 2017, the SAQ had sales of $698.8 million, an $8 million or 1.2% increase from the preceding fiscal year. The company reported net earnings of $232.1 million (-3.1%), the entirety of which was remitted to the Quebec government to the benefit of all Quebecers. This variation is attributable to the price reductions granted to customers since November of last year. In keeping with its strategy and budget planning and due to the efficiency measures and business strategies it has implemented, the SAQ plans to deliver an increase in net earnings by fiscal year-end.

Rising sales and volumes

  • Volume sales in the store and specialized centre network rose 2.3 million litres or 6.6% to 36.9 million litres. Dollar sales in the network totalled $615.8 million, up $7.4 million or 1.2%.
  • Sales in the wholesale grocer network increased $0.6 million or 0.7% to $83 million. Volume sales in this network fell 0.2 million litres or 2%, ending the quarter at 9.9 million litres.

Improvement in the ratio of net expenses to sales

  • Net expenses totalled $123.6 million, a $5.4 million or 4.2% decrease from the preceding fiscal year.
  • Expressed as a percentage of sales, net expenses were 17.7%, compared with 18.7% in the first quarter of fiscal 2016-2017.

These results reflect the efforts made to improve the organization’s efficiency while continuing to provide high-quality advisory service to customers.

Customer initiatives taken in recent months

SAQ inspire : new arrivals for me

The New Arrivals for Me feature gives customers special access to relevant specialty products based on their purchasing history and profile. These offers are available to SAQ Inspire members on a pre-sale basis on Incidentally, more than two million customers have now signed up for the Inspire program.

SAQ app : an even more personalized experience

The SAQ updated its mobile app to improve the digital experience it offers to customers. As a result, navigation is more fluid and intuitive. Also, the home page has been personalized for Inspire customers, with the New Arrivals for Me products visible at a glance. Several functions have also been improved, including a new search by criteria with filters and a brand new store search module that makes finding products easier than ever.

Gift cards made from recycled materials

The SAQ now offers sustainable, ecological gift cards printed on fibreboard made from recycled materials.

International recognition for the SAQ customer experience

The SAQ was ranked sixth by the E-Performance Barometer, which rates the customer service provided on popular online wine sales sites. The study was carried out by the Kedge Business School in France. The recent improvements to the expanded product offer and the Click, Purchase, Pick Up service helped make the SAQ customer experience one that stands out on the world stage.

Quarterly Report Q1 2017-2018 (French only, PDF - 130 KB)