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Rum-raisin bread
Rum-raisin bread

Rum-raisin bread

Preparation 30 minutes | raising: 18 hours
Cooking time 50 minutes
Servings 1 loaf


  • 375 g (3 cups) all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
  • 375 ml (1 1/2 cups) warm water
  • 2.5 ml (1/2 tsp) instant yeast (granular)
  • 45 ml (3 tbsp) spiced rum
  • 6.5 ml (1 1/4 tsp) salt
  • 30 ml (2 tbsp) white sugar
  • 15 ml (1 tbsp) cinnamon
  • 250 ml (1 cup) raisins


  1. In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water and rum.
  2. Dig a well and add salt. Add sugar, cinnamon and raisins.
  3. Using a spatula, mix ingredients until dough is smooth. Dough will be sticky.
  4. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let dough rest in an airtight space (such as the microwave) at room temperature for 12 to 18 hours. Fermentation bubbles will form on the dough’s surface.
  5. Gently unstick dough from bowl and place onto a floured work surface. Fold dough over itself (without kneading it) 4 to 6 times. Make sure the ball is entirely covered in flour. Return to bowl and let rise 30 minutes or more.
  6. In the meantime, preheat oven to 230 ℃ (450 ℉). Heat cast-iron casserole or metal casserole with lid (make sure handles are ovenproof) for 30 minutes. Transfer dough (without letting it fall) directly into the heated casserole and cover with lid.
  7. Bake on centre rack at 230 ℃ (450 ℉) for 30 minutes.
  8. Remove lid and bake an additional 20 minutes.

Recipe inspired by the site https://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/08/dining/08mini.html

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