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Fine spirits

From whisky to bourbon, without forgetting cognac, calvados and more, fine spirits offer lots of choices. Discover your taste profile today.


How to find a gin to your liking among the myriad choices available? Get to know the incredibly varied aromatic range of gins.


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Fruity and lightFruity and light

These light wines are characterised by their simple fruity aromas, the sensation of freshness they leave, and their unassuming structure. They must be consumed young.
Product categories: red wine, rosé wine.

These medium-bodied wines have an intense colour with a rich nose dominated by fruit aromas. Wines that are flavourful and accessible to all.
Product categories: red wine, rosé wine.

These medium-bodied wines are characterised by their smooth tannins that usually confer a certain roundness. They are often dominated by a nose of ripe fruit or woody notes (toast, coffee or vanilla).
Product category: red wine.

With their intense colour, these full-bodied wines exude powerful and complex fruit and spice aromas, occasionally accompanied by woody notes. They have a good tannic structure and a velvety mouthfeel.
Product category: red wine.

These dry, more delicate wines stand out with their pale colour, simple fruit aromas, and the sensation of freshness their acidity brings forth.
Product category: white wine.

These dry wines and ciders have a nose of fruit and flower aromas while having a rich taste on the palate. They get a pleasant liveliness from their acidity.
Product categories: white wine, Champagne and sparkling wine, cider.

These dry wines are characterised by their intense spice, toast, or exotic fruit aromas. They leave a full-bodied texture on the palate and are well-balanced.
Product categories: white wine, Champagne and sparkling wine.

These wines or ciders stand out with their sugar content. Usually semi-dry or semi-sweet, they are characterised by notes of ripe fruit.
Product categories: white wine, rosé wine, Champagne and sparkling wine, cider.

These syrupy wines or ciders contain a high rate of sugar and stand out by their dazzling aromas with notes of tropical fruit and honey.
Product categories: white wine, cider.


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These delicate spirits often present dominant floral notes, highlighted by subtle hints of fruit and woody accents. Elegant and accessible, they make for a great introduction to fine spirits.
Product categories: whisky, brandy.

These spirits are medium-bodied and balanced. Characterized by notes of pear, apple, citrus fruit, and peach, and complemented by spicy notes, they are refined and delicate.
Product categories: whisky, brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados.

Medium-bodied and mainly dominated by aging notes, these spirits possess flavours of vanilla, mild spices and red berries. Their woody side results in a thick and oily texture, and a slightly rustic character.
Product categories: whisky, Bourbon, Cognac, brandy, Armagnac, Calvados.

Imposingly powerful, these spirits reveal a wide range of flavours: spices, roasting, wood, fruit, and nuts. Their heat, complexity, and intensity attract savvy connoisseurs.
Product categories: whisky, Bourbon, Cognac.

These scotches present layers of smoke, peat, and iodine. Complex, imposing and unique, they stand out with the intensity of their perfumes and are appreciated by connoisseurs.
Product categories: Scotch.


Find your gin taste tag

Traditional genevers and gins feature predominant aromas of juniper berry and stand out with their notes of resin and pepper. Easily approachable, they’re perfect to start exploring and for your cocktails.
Main aromas: juniper berry, notes of resin and pepper.

These gins often display traditional lemon aromas associated with dry gins, but also the refreshing flavours of several other citrus fruits whose peel is rich in essential oils.
Main aromas: lemon, lime, bitter orange, pomelo, bergamot, grapefruit.

With their fragrances evoking lush vegetation, these gins offer more or less subtle aromas of herbs and leaves, or even seeds, vegetables or roots. Their refreshing flavours are sometimes accompanied by delicate bitterness.
Main aromas: tea, mint, lemongrass, dill, algae, caraway, coriander, fennel, celery, angelica, cucumber, parsnip.

Unveiling a certain sweetness, these gins put forth dominant aromas of fruits such as berries, lychee, apple and pear. Enjoyable neat or mixed with sparkling water, they’ll add something special to your cocktails.
Main aromas: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, lychee, apple, pear.

Very floral, these gins are pleasant and soothing. Marked by the aromas of the flowers they’re flavoured with, just like a perfume, they possess a mysterious and seductive aura.
Main aromas: rose, iris, violet, jasmine, lavender, chamomile, hibiscus.

These gins have dominant fragrances of spices such as cinnamon, cubeb berry and other peppers, which lead to more or less spicy and warm flavours, opening the door to a world of complexity.
Main aromas: cinnamon, cubeb berry, clove, anise, cumin, saffron, cardamom.

Often characterized by fragrances reminiscent of resin and fir branches, these gins are flavoured by Northern Quebec’s vegetation, or by conifers and wild mushrooms. They’re powerful and display a lot of character.
Main aromas: Labrador tea, dune pepper, sweet gale, conifers.

These intriguing gins boasting a strong personality are aged in oak casks or, in certain cases, have been in contact with flavouring smoke. Some woody gins can also be used in cocktails usually prepared with whisky.
Main aromas: wood, smoke, vanilla.


Find your rum taste tag

Milder rums with subtle fruity aromas. Extremely versatile, they’re an excellent choice for novices and as a base for cocktails.
Product categories: White rum.

Rums made of pure sugarcane juice and grand arôme-style rums. Powerful and complex, they display aromas that can evoke exotic fruit, the sea air, or even marked vegetal notes.
Product categories: White rhum agricole, grand arôme-style rum.

Dry rums with hints of oak. Their woody notes add a soft, spicy character to a round, accessible, versatile whole.
Product categories: Dark rum, rhum agricole.

Dry rums with pronounced roasting flavours. Brought on by barrels with a higher char level or prolonged aging, these aromas call to mind coffee, cacao, smoke or burnt wood. Powerful and aromatic, they’re perfect for cocktails with character.
Product categories: Dark rum, rhum agricole.

Mild and often flavoured, these rums offer a rich, captivating texture and hints of oak. Their notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, honey or even maple pair particularly well with cola and coffee.
Product categories: Spiced rum, dark rum.

Mild rums with a rich, captivating texture, they stand out with their aging in barrels with a higher char level or their flavouring. Their profile is rounded out with notes of cacao, mocha, smoke or burnt wood.
Product categories: Spiced rum, dark rum.