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The SAQ has transferred a record of over $2.8 million to Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ)

Montreal, June 2, 2020 – The 11th edition of the SAQ’s spring campaign for Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) ran from May 14 to 23 of this year. The initiative raised more than $1 million through donations made at checkout and views of the “See Hunger to Put and End to It” awareness-raising video webcast via the SAQ’s Facebook page. The 918,000 views during the campaign translated into as many meals for donation to the FBQ. It should be noted that the awareness campaign continued through May 31.

Delivery fees donated to the FBQ
Since last March and until further notice, the SAQ is giving to the FBQ the $12 fee charged for home delivery of purchases made on SAQ.COM. This new initiative has amassed more than $845,000 to date, and that is on top of the $1 million given to the FBQ as an emergency donation in March.
Also, SAQ employees and Quebecers at large have once again showed their solidarity with people in difficult situations. As a result, the SAQ is proud to have remitted a grand total of $2 865 444 million to the FBQ over the last three months, making company the largest single donor to the FBQ network.

Sharing with those in need
“We are aware of the pandemic’s impacts of many Quebec citizens and are proud to support Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ),” says Catherine Dagenais, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ. “As a government corporation, it is important for us to be present to share and help support society. I am very pleased to present this contribution, the biggest in 11 years of partnership, and I thank our teams and all Quebecers for their support.”

According to Boucar Diouf, patron and friend of the FBQ, the support of Quebecers and the SAQ is essential for the FBQ. “More than ever, the generosity of Quebecers and our donors is making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. A special big thank-you goes out to the SAQ which, for so long, has been a generous partner of this enormous network for sharing, which provides assistance to hundreds of thousands of people every month.”

Partner of the FBQ since 2009
More than $9.7 million has been raised for Food Banks of Quebec by the SAQ through its various awareness campaigns over the last 11 years.

About Food Banks of Quebec
The Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) network and its 19 Moisson regional food banks, 13 associate members and 1,200 community organizations handle more than 1.9 million requests for food assistance a month.
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About the SAQ
The SAQ is mandated to sell alcoholic beverages by offering a broad range of quality products. The company carries out its mandate through a network of 409 SAQ stores and 428 agency stores. It sells more than 14,350 products from 81 countries.
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