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Since 1927, La Revue du vin de France has been at the forefront of the French wine scene, with over 110,000 wines rated and commented to this day. Each month, loyal readers have access to tastings, reports on estates, wine news and more. Take advantage of this unique expertise and order online today a selection of favourites from the famous publication.

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  1. RVF 94

    "Les Birbettes follows a long maturation, it also deserves patience. We salute the brilliance and dimension that are brought to the Chardonnay to enhance its profile. The palate is fascinating by its maturity, coupled with an accurate maturation: an energetic, sensual wine with a great persistence."
    - Translated from La Revue du vin de France
  2. RVF 93

    "This 2017 retains the very appreciable discretion at this stage of a delicately spicy aromatic poem. Its loosed and nobly vegetal matter gives this wine an earthly balance in flavours and an airy finish. A great expression of Bandol macerated in whole bunches, which will seduce lovers of muscular and floral reds. One of the most beautiful Bandols at a price that remains reasonable."
    - Translated from La Revue du vin de France
  3. RVF 94

    "Vignes centenaires unveils a taste of ripe fruit, cooked, dense, with a hint of lard. The nose offers only a glimpse of the magnitude of this Cahors touched by the grace of minerality, given the age of the vines. The palate rests on rich matter of exceptional fruit sincerity, whose silky tannins blend into a still lively finish. A model for exceptional Malbecs."
    Translated from La Revue du vin de France