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​Offering responsible choices

​While it’s often forgotten, we sell agricultural products and some of them travel great distances to arrive at your table. That’s why we make a point of offering you a varied selection of eco-responsible local wines and spirits.

​How we take action

​We offer products aligned with your values.


buying locally

responsible products

​Offer low-alcohol

What we are putting in place

​Think outside the bottle

​There are packaging options that have a lower carbon footprint than the traditional glass bottle and that are recyclable in Quebec. Discover them here.


eco-responsible containers


in lightweight glass

​90% of wines priced at $25 or less are made from lightweight glass

​That corresponds to 40% of the bottles sold at the SAQ. We are currently looking at expanding this best practice to spirits and sparkling wine bottles.

​​In fiscal 2022-2023, using lightweight glass eliminated more than 6,000 metric tons of GHG, the equivalent of 6,000 return car trips between Montreal and Vancouver.

​Even red wine can be “green”

​Whatever the grape variety or type of product, look for a few simple criteria to make choices that are aligned with your values and to minimize the environmental footprint of your purchase.


eco-responsible tips



​Reduce packaging for a healthier planet

​Even though the contents matter more than the container, make a smart choice so that, after the wine or spirt has been enjoyed, the bottle can be recycled.

​Grand Sud rosé: An eco-friendly treat

​Switching from glass to plastic and incorporating recycled plastic (25%) makes the container 10 times lighter and minimizes the extraction of raw materials needed to manufacture it.


recycled plastic


increase in the sales

​43% increase in the sales of Quebec products since 2020

​Whether you chose to drink local for environmental reasons or to support the economy, all local producers are intent on offering Quebecers the best of our terroir. Let’s discover their creativity and expertise.

​Low in alcohol, not in flavour

​​Whether it’s to consume less alcohol over the course of the evening or simply for variety’s sake, we offer you a increasingly diverse range of low-alcohol products.


increase in the number
of products available


increase in the offer

​22% increase in the offer of organic products in 2022

​Because earth-friendly farming practices benefit everyone, we offer more than 3,805 organic and biodynamic products.

Our priorities

​Providing responsible choices​Providing responsible choices

​Offering responsible choices

It’s true we like to help you discover, taste and share. But beyond that, we’re even keener to do it with local and responsible products.

​Reducing our footprint ​Reducing our footprint

​​Reducing our footprint

We aim to be an agent of change in energy transition with solutions to minimize the GHG emissions of our operations and our industry.

​Supporting our community​Supporting our community

​Supporting our community

Strong communities are built from the inside out. With the help our employees, we’re working to have a positive impact on communities.

​Doing things better​Doing things better

​Doing things better

We don’t sell ordinary products, and our commitment to contributing to the collective good drives us to make informed, sustainable and responsible decisions.