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Reduce packaging for a healthier planet

Sustainable development

Reduce packaging for a healthier planet

To offer eco-responsible products to customers, the SAQ has decided to remove overpackaging from the beverage alcohol products it sells.

Published on February 19, 2024

Though pretty labels and fancy bottles catch our eye, everybody knows that what’s inside matters more than the container. Continuing our quest to offer products that are more eco-responsible without in any way affecting quality, we’ve asked our suppliers to gradually ban excess packaging from the beverage alcohol products sold at the SAQ.

Since the fall of 2023, ribbons, netting, cords, plastic sleeves, gift boxes and tissue paper – all considered forms of overpackaging – have been gradually disappearing from our shelves. A new directive aimed at eliminating overpackaging now applies to all products. For the time being, the only exceptions are gift packs and gift-boxed products retailing for $150 and over. Our suppliers are making a big effort to comply with the new directive and we’re already seeing some inspiring changes.

What is overpackaging?

It’s any packaging that’s not needed to make, fill, ship or protect a product or to provide information to consumers. That’s why it can be removed without affecting the product’s integrity or quality.

“Decorative elements may look nice but they usually end up in the trash and can even interfere with the recycling of materials they’re mixed in with. Together with our partners, we’re leading the way by reducing packaging at the source. And know what? Several governments are keeping a close eye on our trail-blazing and want to follow our lead!” – Christian Marier-Pilon, Director, Social Responsibility.

Inspiring changes

J.P. Chenet Ice Edition

J.P. Chenet has traded the unrecyclable plastic sleeve of its easily recognizable bottle for an elegant frosted glass exterior.

Discover J.P. Chenet products


Amarula has dropped the decorative ribbon that was part of its brand image for years.

Discover Amarula products

Rosso del Camul

Roso del Camul no longer wraps its bottle in tissue paper.

Discover Rosso del Camul products

Torres Sangre De Toro

Torres has retired its iconic bull figurine.

Discover Torres products

Ca'del Bosco Cuvée Prestige Extra Brut Franciacorta

Ca’del Bosco has tossed the plastic wrap its bottles used to come in.

Discover Ca'del Bosco products

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Black Label Claret

Francis Coppola has freed its bottle from the net it was wrapped in.

Discover Francis Coppola Diamond Collection

Domaine Lafrance

Domaine Lafrance has dropped the box that its product used to come in, taking advantage of the change to switch to a frosted glass bottle that evokes the nature of ice cider.

Discover Domaine Lafrance products

Local products that have eliminated their over-packaging

Other products that have eliminated their overpackaging

Eliminating overpackaging: another initiative to bring you responsible products

Along with encouraging the use of lightweight glass, showcasing local and organic products, making our stores eco-responsible and investing in finding new uses for recovered glass, eliminating overpackaging is a concrete action that helps us reduce the impact of our business on the environment. Check out our sustainability initiatives

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