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Team’s top picks Repentigny - Boul. Brien

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  1. of Charles-Etienne L.
    August 18, 2023
    (Automatically translated) What about this wine, besides that it is one of the best value for money on the SAQ shelves. The density of the ripe fruit, the sweet cherry, the balanced average acidity with its woodiness and moderate tannins make it a chubby, warm and very pleasant wine with a good BBQ. Superb!
  2. of Charles-Etienne L.
    August 18, 2023
    (Automatically translated) A great classic that demonstrates CVNE's know-how. Cherry and ripe plum with a woody present but well integrated typical of the style of good Rioja. Medium acidity and tannins are very accessible for such a young Contino. A wine of pleasure in the immediate .
  3. of Charles-Etienne L.
    August 9, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Here, Syrah and Cinsault are in perfect harmony. The nose brings us on the syrah, it is quite ripe, violet, fresh plum and black pepper while in the mouth, the cinsault makes its appearance with its notes of small tangy red fruits and sweet field strawberry. An excellent QPR!
  4. of Charles-Etienne L.
    August 4, 2023
    (Automatically translated) A Chardonnay with rather atypical flavors but it results in a very interesting product. A wine that approaches the aromas of Viognier with this white fruit, white flower and its amplitude in the mouth. However, we do not find the heat that can often be associated with viognier. Superb chardonnay.
  5. of Charles-Etienne L.
    August 2, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Chablis 2021, extremely difficult vintage due to catastrophic weather conditions (frosts, hail, rain) A vintage on lightness, here we are entitled to a classic and very accessible windfall. Nothing very complex but superb at the aperitif. A good digestible Chardonnay!
  6. of Charles-Etienne L.
    August 2, 2023
    (Automatically translated) The nose is absolutely sublime! The ripe cherry and the wood explodes on the nose, the mouth is fresh with a very present acidity, tannins not too astringent. I already think it is excellent but it will improve in the next 10 years. A Tondonia of a great vintage and a bargain at this price.
  7. of Charles-Etienne L.
    June 28, 2023
    (Automatically translated) Small tangy ripe fruits, black olive, light funky nose viandé, acidity +, beautiful depth while fresh. Not a typical crozes and some will not like this touch "nature" but Graillot has a beautiful signature to him that I like. A wine that will hold the road a good 10 years of aging.