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Team’s top picks Shawinigan

7 results

  1. of Guillaume M.
    July 30, 2023
    (Automatically translated) I have always been a rum lover, but I must admit that since I tasted this one I can not help but have a bottle in my freezer. It is a rum being high in alcohol but being very tasty, whether with 1oz or more. I recommend it to all rum lovers.
  2. of Frédéric V.
    May 14, 2023
    (Automatically translated) The Cîroc green apple is the perfect base for many summer cocktails! (See Cîroc website for cocktail ideas) I advise you to try it as natural and cold. With its crunch of green apple and subtle notes of lemon and vanilla, it will be refreshing!
  3. of Frédéric V.
    May 8, 2023
    (Automatically translated) A Quebec flavored vodka perfect for a festive summer! This lemon-flavored vodka is just as sweet as it is tasty. It is perfect to take plain or on ice, but is also the perfect alcohol for your cocktails this summer! Add sparkling water or 7 Up!