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The SAQ offers you three practical training sessions about serving wine and spirits:

Le succès passe par vous!

This French-language training session is specially designed for servers who are not very knowledgeable about wine. Topics including wine character, styles, classification, tasting and food-and-wine pairing are covered.

Fill out the registration form (PDF, French only - 718 KB)

Maîtrisez le service du vin

This video (available in French only) lets you learn, refresh your knowledge and/or train your service staff about the art of advising customers on wine, opening a bottle and providing service. The video is complementary to the free Le succès passe par vous! training session, which is specifically designed for waiters.

See the video Maîtrisez le service du vin (French only)

New! Cocktails et spitritueux training session (on-site)

This French-language training session makes the art of mixology accessible to all and introduces your servers to spirits and how to pair them with the dishes on your menu.

Fill out the registration form (PDF, French only - 97 KB)

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of this training session?

They let your employees acquire skills that will enable them to better master your wine and spirits lists, suggest beverages in line with your customers’ preferences and serve the beverages properly, all while providing personalized service.

How can I arrange for one of these training sessions?

Simply put together a group of 12 to 25 persons and have a space where the course can be held. An SAQ trainer will come to your establishment. If you would like to arrange for one of our sessions, fill out and sign the appropriate registration form and email it to or fax it to 514 873-3124.


For more information or to learn about the availability of the training sessions, please contact the Customer Development Department at 514 254-6000, ext. 5962.