Orval 2017

Amber Ale
| 330 ml
| Belgium

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Detailed info

No one knows for sure, but brewing activity was almost certainly taking place at the Orval Abbey from the time it was first built. In 1931 a separate brewery was built on the monastery grounds and they are still brewing beer there today. The funds made from the brewery help pay for the abbey's buildings and to support its charitable works. Orval is very complex beer with flavours and aromas of fruit, spice, leather and citrus.

  • Country Belgium
  • Degree of alcohol 6.2 %
  • Color Amber
  • Size 330 ml
  • Producer Brasserie d'Orval SA
  • Promoting agent Société Commerciale Clément
  • SAQ code 10398905
  • UPC code 00652634000019
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