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Quebec in your glass

Local spirits virtual tasting event

Order your box set and watch the event at your convenience, from the comfort of your home

That Quebecers are keen on locally made spirits is a secret no longer. The product category has seen its sales skyrocket in recent years. The interest in these products – and in buying local – is not only real, it’s bigger than ever.

The SAQ Inspire team is pleased to offer you the chance to view, at your convenience, a unique virtual tasting with not just one but three Quebec producers. 

The virtual event, held on November 26, also featured the talent of mixologist Rose Simard, who concocted a cocktail for each of the featured spirits. Discover her creations below and try your hand at them. 

The big family of Quebec products is the expression of our terroir by passionate locals. Take advantage of this opportunity to watch the online event where we raise our glasses and toast Quebec.

Package available online, while quantities last

Each of the three new production criteria-based designations for Quebec products is represented by one of the products in the $129.75* package:

Cocktails of the event

*For each set sold, $5 will be donated to Food Banks of Quebec. Because before drinking well, everyone should have enough to eat.