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Social sponsorships

Involved in the community

Through its donations, the SAQ supports organizations in the fields of health, culture, education, humanitarian and food assistance. By partnering with Food Banks of Quebec, the fight against hunger has become the SAQ's corporate cause.

Social sponsorshipSocial sponsorship

Did you know? Since 2009, the SAQ is proud to be a partner of Food Banks of Quebec. To date, more than $14 million has been raised for the cause.

Food and humanitarian assistance Food and humanitarian assistance

Food and humanitarian assistance

Because before drinking well, it is essential to have enough to eat, the SAQ is involved in the fight against hunger by supporting the Food Banks of Quebec (BAQ) and the Tablée des Chefs. It also supports several charitable organizations that shine across Quebec, such as the Canadian Red Cross and Entraide.



The SAQ offers its support to hospital foundations, university hospital centers and palliative care homes. It is also a major player in the Éduc’alcool Fund, for which it collects and pays nearly four million dollars each year, on behalf of the Quebec alcoholic beverage industry.



With the development of Quebec knowledge at heart, the SAQ supports a dozen organizations in the education field and invests in research and training in sectors that are key to its operations, such as the retail trade and the beer, wine and spirits industry.



Each year, the SAQ encourages local artists and creators who work within cultural institutions and emerging organisations by donating products as part of benefit activities for museums, orchestras and opera houses, theater troupes or of dance.

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  1. Visuel Marché solidaire
    Sustainable development

    The Local initiatives fund

    Launched in February 2023, the Fonds d’initiatives locales (FIL) is a tool – a local initiatives fund to be precise – that is made available to the community and aims to support initiatives for improving the quality of life of the residents of the Guybourg and Haig-Beauclerk neighbourhoods in Montréal’s Assomption Sud–Longue-Pointe district.

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  2. The spirit of sharing with Food Banks of Quebec
    Donations and sponsorships

    Food Banks of Quebec

    Because at the SAQ we believe that, before drinking well, it is essential to have enough to eat and because sharing means giving to those in need, we have made food assistance our corporate cause.

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  3. Woman holding a platter of fresh vegetables
    Sustainable development

    A vegetable garden for the neighbourhood

    For two years now, a greenhouse buzzing with activity 10 months a year and a huge kitchen garden have been found in the middle of the SAQ Campus, our head office in Montreal’s Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough. The goal? To help feed the neighbourhood. And 2023 is our second year of operation. Discover our garden, our pride and joy!

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  4. Tablée des chefs, people sharing food
    Donations and sponsorships

    La Tablée des Chefs: Nourishing hope

    See how La Tablée des Chefs has become a pillar in the fight against food insecurity in Quebec thanks to its continued commitment and the support of partners like the SAQ.

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  5. La Tablée des Chefs: food for the stomach, food for the soul
    Donations and sponsorships

    La Tablée des Chefs: food for the stomach, food for the soul

    Since the start of the Great Confinement, Jean-François Archambault and his team at Tablée des Chefs have moved heaven and pantry to get chefs back into their kitchens to restock the Food Banks of Quebec.

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