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  1. father's day, gift ideas, port, champagne, wine, scotchs, recipe, pairings

    6 suggestions for all types of Dads

    Ever think Father's Day was deliberately positioned in the middle of barbecue season? We're throwing it out there, along with suggestions for raising a glass to your grill master, to the one who has a solution to everything and who would come get you at the ends of the earth. Come hell or high shark-infested water.

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  2. Chilled red wines

    Chilled red wines: How-to

    You naturally serve your white and rosé wine chilled, but did you know that many red wines can also benefit from a little ice bath to counter hot summer days? Spotlight on a refreshing trend.

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  3. South Africa: High-end wines that won’t break the bank

    South Africa: High-end wines that won’t break the bank

    A dream destination for its breathtaking landscapes and exotic wildlife, South Africa is also an exceptional wine-growing region. Beyond the well-known estates, a range of small producers create high-end cuvées at good prices that deserve your full attention.

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  4. Miel Nature: Where honey and fun combine to sweet perfection

    Miel Nature: Where honey and fun combine to sweet perfection

    It's right off Highway 30 in Beauharnois, Montérégie, that you'll find Miel Nature. Owners Elena and Ali Agougou have received over 232 medals for their honey-based creations and rank among the most awarded couples in their field! Let's go meet them together.

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  5. Invite large formats to your summer feasts

    Invite large formats to your summer feasts

    A wedding here, a méchoui there, a barbecue with the whole (yes whole) family; summer is THE season for gatherings. When it comes to wine, better find a bottle that is suited for sharing: the secret is in the large format! Practical and versatile, it is the perfect option for group evenings.

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  6. Joel Gott wines

    Joel Gott wines, delicious and generous

    Coming from the fourth generation of a winemaking family, Joel Gott crafts affordable gourmet wines while giving back to the community. Discover his wines that are as great with food as they are with a good cause.

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  7. Bolla products

    Bolla, creator of Amarone and barbecue pairings

    If you’re a fan of Italian wine, it's safe to assume that you know the Bolla house. The first to market Amarone, it still produces the renowned wine perfect for special occasions. For more mundane dinners, turn to its supple reds and crisp white for your alfresco aperitivo.

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  8. 6 wine suggestions to toast Mother’s Day

    6 wine suggestions to toast Mother’s Day

    If anybody deserves a celebration, it’s your mother. Sleepless nights, sibling fights, homemade lunches, carpools… But above it all, unconditional love. To celebrate all that and more, plan a long and delicious meal. Don’t forget the card, the flowers and a huge hug.

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  9. SAQ news
    Press releases

    Two-day strike by store employees 

    The SAQ reacts to the SEMB’s decision and implements its business continuity plan

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